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32 Designs That Are So Brilliantly Simple They Deserve A Nobel Prize

Diply 7 Mar 2018

We have Nobel Prizes in literature, medicine, and even specific sciences like chemistry or physics. And of course, there's the famous Nobel Peace Prize.

But what about design? I'm not talking about big design changes, though. Rather, I'm thinking of those choices and ideas that change our lives in a small, but infinitely better ways.

1. Like this BBQ restaurant that provides stain removal sticks for their customers. 

Reddit | CaptainSnacks

No matter how carefully you arrange your bib, at some point everyone gets barbecue sauce on themselves. It's usually too late to save the shirt by the time you get home, so this is a lifesaver.

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2. Bathroom mirrors with a heated, fog-proof section.

Reddit | rarkgrames

Sure, there are hacks to keep a mirror from fogging by using shaving cream or hair dryers, but what if you didn't have to worry about it at all? Mornings would be so much more efficient.

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3. Wet floor signs have never been so appropriate.

Reddit | C-Ron

Even though they're bright yellow, these caution signs are so ubiquitous that our gaze often slides right past them. The novelty of a banana peel-shaped version is sure to get it noticed.

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4. I refuse to make more than one trip from the car up to my apartment.

Reddit | WharFalcon

Which means that I don't usually have a hand to press the elevator button with. This elevator's buttons are near the bottom, so you can use your feet to select a floor.

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5. Never get lost in a department store again.

Reddit | 517634

How nifty is this Walmart GPS? It makes it so much easier to find what you need and get on with your day, which is probably the opposite of what most stores want.

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6. This dustpan's handle also doubles as a funnel.

Reddit | ambianceambiance

You don't need to worry about the wide mouth causing the dirt you just swept up to miss the bin and end up right back where it started.

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7. Sometimes, a little detail is so clever that it deserves to be celebrated.

Reddit | rexbry

In any other place, these envelope-inspired tiles would be odd, but at the National Postal Museum, they are absolutely perfect.

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8. Most of the people who visit this Lego Store don't even notice the ceiling.

Reddit | nonstopflux

But hat tip to the clever designer who turned what could be boring industrial lighting into a graphic representation of a Lego block's underside.

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9. I'd buy these earbuds just for the packaging.

Reddit | kegster1982

And really, that's probably fine, since $4.00 headphones are unlikely to be worth the purchase otherwise. But the cute packaging is delightful.

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10. In another bit of clever packaging, this gum looks like teeth.

Reddit | undefinedcolton

It's a great way to catch the eye of a person waiting in line while also playing into the sugar-free benefits of the gum itself.

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11. This bus company has a genius way to avoid invalid tickets. 


Each day is given a random word that prints on all the tickets. This way, the drivers don't have to read dates and people can't try to scam the system.

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12. A water fountain designed for doggos. 

Reddit | rubenmleon

It's such a simple thing to add a well just above the drain so that the water pools for a few extra moments, giving Fido time to drink.

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13. This restaurant lets wine lovers serve themselves thanks to this handy price guide. Just drink the bottle down to however much you'd like to spend.

Reddit | Salvene

And if you end up making it to the end of the bottle, the last sip is on the house!

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14. Dog toys with smaller, slightly bashful second toys inside.

Reddit | ATLBMW

If your dogs are like mine, it seems like every toy I bring them is destroyed within minutes of entering the house. These toys are double the fun.

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15. This parking garage tells you which stalls are free from afar. 

Imgur | VampirezKing

The lights above the stalls glow green or red depending on if there is a vehicle already parked. So instead of circling through every lane, you can beeline right for a spot.

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16. Now, if we combine that idea with this one, we may achieve parking nirvana.

Reddit | Reddit

The lines of these stalls extend up onto the walls, meaning that you can actually see the dimensions of the spot while you are trying to park in it.

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17. There is a rail bridge near my office that has taken out many trucks.

Reddit | DrJulianBashir

It's now covered with yellow caution signs and warnings, but maybe something as simple as this could finally solve the problem.

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18. These stalls light up to indicate if they're occupied.

Reddit | Reddit

It seems silly, but there are better ways to know if a stall is free than squinting through the too-wide gap between the door and the wall.

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19. As an introvert, I sometimes skip shopping simply because I can't deal with helpful staff.

Reddit | hand_

This store has it figured out, though. The baskets are color-coded to let you choose between being left alone or being offered help.

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20. There's no need for a bookmark in this clever planner.

Reddit | frankrizzo24

When you finish a day, just tear away the perforated corner. That way you can always flip right to the page you need.

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21. These coasters don't just keep the furniture safe from rings, they carry an important message.

Reddit | Morril

Each one is made from metal recycled from cars involved in drunk driving accidents.

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22. This Alzheimer's ward has a great way of keeping patients safe.

Reddit | torsades_

By disguising the exit door as a bookshelf, it helps prevent them from accidentally leaving the ward and possibly hurting themselves.

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23. When you're taking a full bag of stink out of your garbage bin, it usually gets stuck, right?

Reddit | whatsthisgetridofit

Just tape a pipe to the inside of the bin so the air pressure can equalize, and you won't have that issue anymore.

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24. Ride the elevator a little bit calmer by knowing how much weight there is.

Imgur | VampirezKing

A full elevator can be very nerve-wracking, but this sign helps a little bit by allowing you to see how close to maximum capacity it is.

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25. How about food that labels itself when cooked?

Reddit | perukid796

These empanadas aren't going to cause any confusion since the goodness inside is pressed into the crust when they're made. I'll take four.

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26. Keep the streets clean while showing off your love for democracy with this clever voting booth-inspired cigarette bin. 

Reddit | drexvil

Everyone knows smoking is bad for you, but if you do choose to light up, why not voice your opinion while you do it?

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27. Anything that removes barriers is a total win in my books!

Reddit | retrologist

This Rubik's cube uses braille rather than colors, enabling people with vision loss to also enjoy the popular puzzle.

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28. What's the fastest way to get from one floor to the next?

Reddit | Bob_Om

It's not stairs, or an elevator, or even an escalator.It's actually a massive slide that employees can use to go to the floor below. Sign me up!

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29. Rural stop signs often have a lighting problem, but not this one.

Imgur | VampirezKing

Stop signs use reflective paint, but it doesn't do you much good if you're in an area without street lights. This one has a solar panel that powers a light built into the sign.

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30. This store isn't being rude, it's just telling you it's closed!

Reddit | ChiefdaPhaser

When they open the door the "N" moves to the other end to show that the store is "open."

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31. This culinary creation is perfect for when you have very limited cooking space in the kitchen.


Nothing says bon appétit quite like some tasty hotdogs served hot and fresh from the microwave.

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32. At first glance, this looks like someone's knees made indents in the chair in front of it.

Reddit | murphofly

But, the indents were actually already there! If you've ever spent a long time sitting on planes, trains, and automobiles, you know extra knee space is a coveted commodity.

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