15+ Design Fails Too Bad To Be Believed

Diply 9 Jul 2018

Raise your hands and clap them for all the good designers out there, because if I've learned anything from the number of fails in the world, it's that the job of being a designer is way harder than you'd think.

Police officer? Firefighter? Kindergarten teacher? Those are dead simple compared to the difficulty level of simply not screwing up in the design or placement of things.

1. This is a very sweet sentiment, except for one problem.

Reddit | SciviasKnows

That heart-shaped seed clearly doesn't fit the other side. So these cute little avocado halves may love each other, but they're never meant to be together. Kind of changes the message, huh?

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2. Um, what's the point here?

Reddit | Nebothegreen

Even the shortest toddler legs can get over that wall and into the sand, so why would you bother installing a regular-sized gate? Why would you bother with a gate at all? Please just tell me why?

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3. I'm getting mixed signals here. 

Reddit | R_3_G

So, if the power is out or the whole building is on fire, will this door take me to safety outside? If not, then please remove the bright red EXIT sign. If so, what's with the other sign?

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4. This store probably wonders why carts are never put in the corral.

Reddit | friskmahnutz

Maybe because some bozo put the corral up on a grass median. Sure, some people could tip back the wheels to get it up there, but they're not going to.

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5. "My room number is 311. Guess who went the wrong way?" —shwhjw

Reddit | shwhjw

This shouldn't be so difficult. I always understood that odd numbers were to the right and even to the left, except why do the even numbers only go to 314 here?

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6. People must get trapped by this multiple times per day.

Reddit | mashev

You can usually trust that no matter where you step on the stairs, they'll get you where you're going, but not here. Sometimes, you get stuck between the wall and the rail.

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7. Excuse me, Little Caesars? We need to talk about your marketing department...

Reddit | googhosty

I mean, I know what you're trying to say, but what you're actually admitting to is some sort of Soylent Green or Sweeney Todd situation.

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8. We really want you to use the right equipment, even though we don't know how to use colors.

Reddit | Nulzero87

It's a simple rule: Green means yes, red means no. Not only is this backwards, but the green chosen is eye-burningly bright.

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9. "Aren't you special," they said. "You get the office with all that natural light," they said.

Reddit | Long_Man_7

"Yeah, well you don't have the bad luck from continually opening an umbrella indoors just to get some work done, Brenda!"

Why, just why?

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10. Because all ambulance services should advertise flatlining!

Reddit | hammajang310

If they just put the waveform at the end of the logo, it would fix it. Then it would be all "brought back from the brink!" instead of "oops, didn't make it in time."

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11. "This warning doesn’t go away until you hit ok. It appears randomly if driving or having just started the truck." —Healz

Reddit | Healz

So you're going to distract the driver while they're driving to warn them not to be distracted while driving? Sure, okay.

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12. And this is why I still refuse to upgrade my old AA battery Apple mouse.

Reddit | flaugdogg

This is clearly to prevent people from using their wireless mouse as a wired one. Why else would you make it impossible to actually work while the battery recharges?

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13. Oh good, I was worried I'd put it in the wrong place. 

Reddit | OldSoulSpeaks

This is more of a placement issue, but I would argue that the awkward stock photo of a woman reaching out to shake your hand was a mistake in the first place.

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14. Just...why?

Reddit | fvrris

The house is already built on an oddly rolling piece of land, but you would think they'd try to balance out the look instead of literally leaning into it.

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15. Oh no, this isn't confusing AT ALL.

Reddit | dtylerdow

The best part is that even though the packaging and example photo are purple, the actual word "purple" is in the real color of the icing inside. It's pure evil.

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16. What, you thought buttons would be consistent within the same app? Hah!

Reddit | dblock2

I particularly hate the "Snooze" button being big and in the middle, with the "Stop" button way down at the bottom. This is just helping people be late for work.

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17. This is why you can't always just use the "Find and Replace" in Word.

Reddit | miyazakipls

If you want every instance of the word "and" to be an ampersand, then you need to make sure than every random word with those three letters doesn't get changed. Otherwise, you've got cori&er.

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18. I know that the print shop and the author of the book have nothing in common, but this gives me pause.

Reddit | Gaffi1

Do I trust a math book where they couldn't even find a printer smart enough to remove the stickers from their rolls of paper before printing?

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19. Speaking of books, the author's name placement on this cover is hilarious.

Reddit | lightlysativad

The least the cover designer could've done would be to change the color of the title.

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20. Remotes like this are why my grandmother can't turn on her TV.

Reddit | MammalSquad

So, apparently we need directional buttons and the remote has four arrow-shaped buttons pointing in those directions. Clearly, those aren't the ones we should use.

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21. This isn't so much a failure of packaging design as it is a case of "Oh God, WHY?!"

Reddit | WargRider23

The short period of time between the discovery of radium and the discovery that you really, really shouldn't be touching it was so crazy.

Want glow-in-the-dark condoms? Paint them with radium!

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22. Is this billboard design objectively terrible? Yes, but I still love it.

Reddit | penciltrash

It's just so beyond crazy. Like, I almost get the idea behind it, but why is the realtor's head on a dog's body with flippers?

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23. There are only two genders that matter: "toilet," and "lady." 

Reddit | RedDiamondBird

Admittedly, as funny as the text is, I kind of like how homemade these signs look. It's like the owner wanted something nice, but their English vocabulary wasn't quite ready for it.

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24. I don't have much against knockoffs, but at least check the misspelling for unintentional hilarity.

Reddit | Reddit

A lot of brands overcharge just for the name recognition, but I don't think this is the best alternative, do you?

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