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15 Deep Cleaning Hacks That'll Leave You Super Satisfied

Diply 5 Jun 2018

There aren't many things more satisfying than a super clean home, don't you agree? I recently vacuumed a rug that had been outside on my balcony all winter, and it was so satisfying to watch my new vacuum take all the dirt away.

I mean, I'm not huge on cleaning, I'm actually pretty lazy. But even I can admit how amazing it is to see something cleaned before your eyes. I would totally fall for those cleaning infomercials that seem to get everything! But since not everyone can have a "ShamWow," here are some hacks to get a satisfying deep clean at home.

1. Use an lint roller to clean up craft supplies!

Mum In The Madhouse | Mum In The Madhouse

Jen from Mum In The Madhouse knows what a pain it can be to clean up everyone's favorite craft supply. So, she came up with the genius plan to use a lint roller!

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2. Use some vinegar and paper towel to give your faucets a nice soak.

Cute As A Fox | Cute As A Fox

This will make them look super shiny and will get rid of all those water stains. Thanks to Ashley from Cute As A Fox for this hack!

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3. Let your stove burners sit in a bag of ammonia to get them clean without scrubbing.

The V Spot | The V Spot

No one wants to get tennis elbow from scrubbing their stove burners! This is a great way to get them satisfyingly clean, so thanks to the V Spot for figuring this one out.

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4. Use some toothpaste to get rid of water marks on wood grain.

Sometimes Homemade | Sometimes Homemade

Sometimes, you just can't help it if someone puts a glass down on your precious wood surfaces. Who knew toothpaste was the answer?! Sometimes Handmade did!

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5. Toothpaste can also get crayon off your walls!

Fab How | Fab How

If you've got little kiddos who like to draw on the walls, the team at FabHow have your back! Toothpaste is the answer to your prayers.

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6. AND, toothpaste can get that gross stuff off your iron, too.

Cleaning Ideas | Cleaning Ideas

I do a lot of crafts and DIY projects that use an iron, and sometimes craft gunk gets all over it. Cleaning Ideas found out that toothpaste will get all that stuff off!

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7. To really give your toilet a clean, don't forget to unscrew the toilet seat.

Ask Anna Moseley | Ask Anna Moseley

We can all get lazy when it comes to cleaning, but Anna from Ask Anna Moseley reminds us how nasty it can get back there.

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8. You can use a paper towel roll to vacuum tough-to-reach spots in your car or your home!

Making Midlife Matter | Making Midlife Matter

Like I said before, vacuuming can be super satisfying. Elena from Making Midlife Work knows how to get that deep clean!

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9. Use a potato and salt to clean and season your cast iron pan at the same time!

Tori Avey | Tori Avey

Cast iron pans are definitely finicky to clean. You've got to make sure all the gunk gets off without taking away from the flavor. This is the perfect way to do it!

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10. Dryer sheets can get gross bugs off your car.

Making Midlife Matter | Making Midlife Matter

After a weekend up north, my car is covered in dead bugs. Elena from Making Midlife Matter uses a dryer sheet to get all those yucky bugs off!

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11. Unscrew the knobs on your faucets and give them a deep clean with a cotton swab.

What's Up Fagans | What's Up Fagans

Nothing gets things clean better than taking a cotton swab to it! Thanks to What's Up Fagans for this one!

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12. Use a sock on your hand to clean your blinds.

The Krazy Coupon Lady | The Krazy Coupon Lady

I'm not going to lie, I'm sure my blinds are due for one of these deep cleans! Thanks to the team at The Krazy Coupon Lady for this.

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13. You can use bread to dust canvas paints without ruining them!

Varna Rooms | Varna Rooms

I'm not sure what exactly about bread makes this work, but it's from the internet so I trust it! Thanks to Varna Rooms for this fun hack.

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14. You can put Kool-Aid down the toilet to give it a nice clean.

Infinite DIY | Infinite DIY

Makes you think twice about drinking it though, doesn't it? Cailyn over at Infinite DIY shared this hack, and we are here for it!

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15. Just look at how a combination of dish soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide gets this glass stove super clean!

Happy Mama Tales | Happy Mama Tales

Britni from Happy Mama Tales knows what she is doing!

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So, who is ready to get things satisfyingly clean? 

Giphy | Giphy

Sidenote: This is my favorite GIF ever.

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