16 Dang Interesting Things That Just Brighten Our Day

Diply 15 May 2018

Life has hidden little gems of happiness.

Sometimes, you just have to look a little harder, especially on the internet where people love to be negative.

We've collected the most heartwarming, feel-good images the internet has to offer so we can brighten our day with humans at their best, uplifting moments — and of course, dogs.

1. This is the dog version of straight A's 

Reddit | dickfromaccounting

I'm sure this pup will get into a great dog college because of his grades, probably Barkley. A dog report card is a great idea, especially for those of us that call their pets their "kids."

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2. Terry Crews personally approved this woman's credit card picture

Reddit | Reddit

That's a great picture to have on your credit card to spend less money. Every time you open your wallet you'll have Terry Crews staring you down.

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3. This man volunteers at hospitals to give children eye-catching temporary tattoos 

Reddit | julieeea

These temporary tattoos look so much like the real thing that a few parents must have fainted after seeing their children.

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4. These Uno cards are almost as big as her grandmother's smile

Reddit | hallahfin

This incredible granddaughter bought her grandmother giant-sized Uno cards so they could keep playing as she gets older — our nomination for granddaughter of the year.

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5. These two look like a sequel to Calvin and Hobbes called Monk and Pup

Reddit | Reddit

I want to see what happened right after this picture was taken. Our bet is they began a magical journey to save the world and learned life lessons in the process.

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6. This is a surefire way to get a 5 star rating and a fat tip

Reddit | ftaylor-25

Not only is this heartwarming, but we'd kill to have a driver every time that doesn't want to talk and lets us play music.

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7. This is a picture of a grandmother holding her great-great grandson

Reddit | gunterthepenguin32

She is 101 years older and they're separated by 5 generations. We've never seen life summed up so well in one picture.

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8. How much is that doggie in the basket?

Reddit | tkmj75

The one who's too tired to wag his tail?
How much is that doggie in the basket?
(Reads the sign) The doggie is not for sale.

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9. This man built a pool for the neighborhood kids so he wouldn't be lonely

Reddit | attheisstt

His smile says more than words ever could. Our only question is can you legally adopt a grandpa?

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10. This might be one of the best gift ideas I've ever seen

Reddit | Reddit

We officially recommend either bookmarking this page for yourself, or linking it to your significant other as a hint.

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11. This husband, immigrant, father and grandfather proves it's never too late to achieve your dreams

Reddit | t_money22

I have a feeling this poster board is going to get longer and longer. Age 80 — PhD in Nuclear Physics.

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12. This boy and his cat have matching eye and lip conditions

Reddit | badashley

The condition that makes your eyes two different colors is called heterochromia iridum, and it looks so cool we kind of wish we had it.

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13. This guy making a romantic underwater proposal is making other guys look bad

Reddit | EliP

Forget the old "ring at the bottom of the champagne glass," the new gold standard is "ring at the bottom of the ocean."

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14. Call me childish, but I would totally eat more fruit if it all had fun shapes printed on it

Reddit | elamenopee

It has a video game feel to it, right? Eat a heart, refill your health bar.

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15. Four generations of a family in one picture and matching outfits

Reddit | awkwardtheturtle

For the grandfather, it's like looking into his own past — he had a beard stage in his thirties. For the baby, it's like looking into his own future.

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16. Every single pet got adopted at this shelter — they must have quite the marketing department

Reddit | loken89

My guess is that they put adorable little hats on each animal for the photos that they put on the adoption website.

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