20 Witchy Nails To Cast A Spell On You! Halloween Or Not, #8 Is Classy Anytime!

Diply 14 Mar 2016

Whether you're a witch for Halloween or all year round, these witchy looks are sure to give you plenty of ideas for your wardrobe!

You'll definitely turn some heads whenever you wear these, that's for sure. Make yourself a little more magical!

1. These simple, glossy black pointed nails will definitely do the trick.

tumblr | bval90
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2. Add witchy symbols for added impact!

El Salonsito | El Salonsito
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3. Accessorize with rings and leggings to really wow others!

tumblr | fireinthebreeze

Aren't those leggings just perfect? And that subtle glitter is a nice touch!

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4. People will think you're a witch wandering fields at night with these spooky Blair Witch nails!

Maspooase | Maspooase

Who knows what you'll get up to with your fierce attitude?

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5. Try this green glitter and oval nails for a different look!

Black Cat Nails | Black Cat Nails
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6. This long glitter is definitely striking.

Makeup Withdrawal | Makeup Withdrawal

Black always works, but you can switch it up too!

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7. Here's a much more minimal look. So elegant!

Ecouterre | Ecouterre

Still has that witchy power, though.

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8. This long black French manicure is just so classy.

Le City Kitty | Le City Kitty

The almond nail shape really adds something extra, too!

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9. If you're looking for something other than black, these squared white nails have you covered!

The Weird Sisters | The Weird Sisters

That red really looks great with them, too.

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10. But if darker colors are more your thing, you'll love this deep crimson red!

tumblr | britneybiohazard

The black floral stickers are a great addition!

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11. The matte finish here is surprisingly intense!

Etsy | adorkablenails

More witchy symbol ideas here, too.

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12. This almond shape in dark purple is simple, but powerful!

Blog da Andy | Blog da Andy

With simple nails you can really accessorize more, too!

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13. These squoval matte black nails are just gorgeous.

tumblr | labella-instagram
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14. These pentacle prints will help you summon your desires!

Etsy | NorthofSalem
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15. Or go for that intense, Wicked Witch of the West look for Halloween!

Break Rules Not Nails | Break Rules Not Nails

That glittery red could work anytime, though! Classy!

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16. Channel the powers of the night with these prints of the phases of the moon!

tumblr | couturenoir
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17. These glittering gems have a power all their own!

Hey, Nice Nails! | Hey, Nice Nails!
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18. These moon and star stickers add a softer touch to black nails!

Instagram | @harperleighhollywood
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19. This snakeskin pattern is super intense!

Instagram | @hausoflacquer
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20. This variety of glittery looks will give you some new ideas!

Hallmark Channel | Hallmark Channel
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