23 Customers Who Have Never Felt More Betrayed

Diply 22 Mar 2018

Online shopping has transformed the way we buy. In fact, it's so common now that physical stores are literally closing down because of it.

But even though online shopping offers convenience, endless selection, and often better prices, it's not perfect. For one thing, there's no way to try on clothes, feel the quality of the product, or inspect it for functionality or defects.

These customers learned the hard way that shopping online isn't everything it's cracked up to be.

1. This customer who got a scare when they opened their package.

Reddit | Kidarcus

You're expecting a cute, fuzzy penguin craft and instead, you get a bird-monkey hybrid. It doesn't even look like it's meant to fit inside the cuddly exterior. Just...what?!

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2. This customer who discovered that size really does matter.

Reddit | Katiek8bug

Using the lighter for size reference was a good move because it's about the only thing they'll be able to fit in this tiny purse. It's not fancy enough to use as an evening bag either. What a waste!

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3. This customer got more than she paid for...but not in a good way.

Twitter | @wardrobe_7

This is obviously more than just a sizing issue. This is a straight up false advertising. I hope this woman has a backup outfit she can wear!

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4. This customer who had some disappointed party guests.

Imgur | UnclaimedSocks

I'm not gonna lie, I kinda love this. But I can imagine some horrified kids who were expecting adorable teddy bears. Someone clearly forgot how to blow up balloons during the product design phase.

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5. This customer who won't be having dinner parties anytime soon. 

Thunder Dungeon | Thunder Dungeon

Not even standard sized ones either. Tiny dinner parties only, from here on out. I wonder how much this set cost? It's obviously a case of "if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

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6. This customer who had the rug pulled out from under him.

Imgur | sexybeastwaaaat

It was too late when he realized that this seller hadn't specified the size of the carpet. Assumptions were made, and...well, you see the result.

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7. The customer who was shocked by this very literal advertisement.

Amazon | Amazon

He bought a mug expecting it to change from black to a Christmas scene, but the company actually printed the demo image on the cup instead. It's funny...but only because I didn't pay for it.

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8. This customer who wasn't as excited about the purchase as her dress was.

Imgur | gomrcong

Someone sewed the arm on upside down so that it points upward and will pull if you put your arm down. Better hope whoever bought this is a Broadway performer.

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9. This customer who got trolled by this manufacturer.

Twitter | @iainqblank

They ordered the shirt on the left but received the one on the right. I hope this was an honest mistake otherwise, it's kind of an abuse of power... Although, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't funny.

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10. The customer who is gonna have nightmares...and probably won't let it go. 

Pix Mafia | Pix Mafia

The most alarming thing is that this is a Hallmark product. I thought they'd be above these types of fails.

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11. This guy whose chair didn't quite live up to expectations. 

Imgur | elifawkes

It's always important to read the dimensions when you buy something online. Although, it doesn't appear this guy read anything other than the price when he added the chair to his cart. It says "Boys" right in the description!

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12. This customer who now has a very grumpy cat. 

Twitter | @eCommWranglers

Now, this is the face of a disgruntled customer if I ever saw one, and honestly, I don't blame kitty one bit!

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13. This customer who learned that you get what you pay for the hard way.

Reddit | kaitienick

Dirt cheap prices usually tell me a product is gonna be horrible quality or miniature. In this instance, at least one of those two things is accurate.

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14. This customer who ended up sending a very different message. 

Trending | Trending

This is the kind of design fail that could actually have some serious repercussions. This customer obviously had the intention of calling out racism but now, thanks to this poorly designed sweater, appears to be supporting it.

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15. This customer who bought online to avoid the hassle of visiting the store.

Reddit | guenchy

But when they received the product, the security tag was still attached. It was even purchased directly from the store website! Now they've gotta through the hassle of getting the tagged removed...and looking like they stole it.

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16. This customer who is fuming after receiving this hot mess of a product.

Facebook | Erika Augthun Shoolbred

This customer ordered an OraCorp blowdryer from Amazon. As soon as she turned it on, it started shooting flames! When the ad said the blowdryer was powerful, I don't think she expected this hot heat.

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17. This kid just wanted to be a clone trooper.

Reddit | FlamingWedge

The costume ended up not being as amazing as he probably anticipated, but the smile on his face makes us think he really doesn't mind.

He just has a little bit of growing to do — he'll be good to go in a Halloween or two.

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18. It's not always online shopping that lets you down.

Reddit | Saundec15

Sometimes, all your food-loving hopes and dreams can be crushed right on the spot.

To be honest, I'd be sad, but I'd still eat it.

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19. This customer just wanted to admire Jeff Goldblum in Pop! figurine form.

Reddit | stephenhlane

But any Jurassic Park fan knows full well that his glasses are tinted, and this is an abomination.

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20. This is just even more proof that double-checking the size on products before you buy them is really important.

Imgur | Imgur

Still, advertisements like this should be outright banned. It's clearly deceiving.

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21. This customer just wanted a deep and meaningful rose sweater, but online shopping disappointment strikes again.

Reddit | OneNameOver

Instead, she got...well, this. Is anyone else seeing the irony here or what?

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22. I know that ordering from Wish can seem like a good idea when that price tag is so low.

Reddit | ruserious65433

But there's a reason for that, and this customer found out the hard (and actually kind of hilarious) way.

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23. This is proof that reading the reviews before you buy is always a good idea.

Reddit | aad51423

Unless this person actually wanted a pillow with a child's face printed on it.

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