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16 Cute Crochet DIYs To Try This Summer

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Summer couldn't be coming sooner, and we are so ready for it. From going to the beach, having bonfires with friends, and wearing the breeziest fashion, summer is the time to live!

For many, you just have more free time this time of year. And the best way to use up that free time is to take on more DIY projects!

Here's a list of some of the neatest crochet DIYs you can do to get you in the summer mood! From clothes, jewelry, handbags, and décor, you are bound to find something you want to try.

1. Everyone knows that summer is strawberry season. So crochet yourself a backpack in honor of your fave fruit. 

YouTube | Dana B

Now we can see that strawberries taste delicious and make the perfect summer backpack, too. I knew they were the best fruit for a reason!

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2. Make your dollar store flips flops a little more bougie by adding a crochet pattern around the straps.

Cre8tion Crochet | Cre8tion Crochet

These are fun and may reduce flip flop blisters. You will have people asking where you got them, and you can say you are a DIY pro.

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3. Make yourself a crochet bikini top for all your summer outings. 

Youtube | Dana B

Crochet bikini tops would look great for beach days or music festivals. It is so much less expensive to make them yourself, and they are nice and light for the hot summer weather.

Someone teach me how to crochet, please.

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4. Water is a necessity on hot summer days, so crochet your bottle a cozy to carry with you. 

Snappy Tots | Snappy Tots

Keeping hydrated is important, and you will never forget your water bottle if you are carrying it in a bright crochet bag. This is easy for the kiddo to walk their bottle to soccer or baseball, too!

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5. Create a vintage-inspired crochet ruffle purse to flair your summer vibes. 

Crochet Dreamz | Crochet Dreamz

It's a cost-effective, cute bag that you get to do yourself. Brag about your crochet skills while adding to your crochet-filled wardrobe! This is so nice, you could totally sell it on Etsy.

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6. Watermelon is refreshing in the summer, so wear some on your ears! 

YouTube | Ayanared

Obviously, these aren't real watermelons, but they are cute and scream fun. If you don't have your ears pierced, you can make these into a keychain for your purse instead! The watermelon life is the only life for me.

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7. If you like the idea of crochet earrings, here's another pattern you could try! 

YouTube | Guidecentral English

Pair some crochet earrings with your crochet bikini top, backpack, and bag, and you are set for some beach festivals. This is a great simple DIY for those who are new to the crochet life.

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8. Upcycling an old bracelet into a beautiful crochet bracelet is the perfect boho craft. 

Super Ziper | Super Ziper

You can make something new from something old, and give yourself some practice crocheting! It's so budget-friendly and easy — get some boho-inspired bling in your life!

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9. When going to the beach, you have to pack a lot of stuff. Make yourself a crochet beach bag to help! 

The Stitchin' Mommy | The Stitchin' Mommy

This bag is so useful for the all your getaways. Choose summer colors like greens and blues to give it a true summer feel. Don't forget the sunscreen!

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10. Desk plants are always okay to have, especially when you can crochet a cute planter for them.

Youtube | Flying Mio

Not only is this super kawaii, but it's also a great craft to do with the kids! What says summer more than a little white bunny planter with some fresh greenery?

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11. Create an adorable DIY clutch with bamboo sticks and yarn. It's simple yet classy.

Handy Little Me | Handy Little Me

You can use any color for the bag, but dusty pink is really popular this season! And, you know no one else will have the same bag — what a relief!

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12. In the summer you can finally enjoy sitting on your patio again. Make it comfortable with a crochet pillow. 

The Craft Patch Blog | The Craft Patch Blog

Simply crochet the pillowcase, and use an old pillow to stuff it. It's a great way to revamp some old pillows that may have gone out of style.

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13. You will get hot in the summer, so put your hair up to cool off with a crochet hair tie. 

Curious and Catcat | Curious and Catcat

With scrunchies being popular again, there are a lot of different crochet styles to choose from that will have others wanting one, too!

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14. A boho tassel bag screams summer, beach, and festival season. 

Persia Lou | Persia Lou

Complete your summer crochet look with the final touch — this crochet boho tassel bag! You'll be ready to take on any summer event as the boho queen.

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15. Create a simple and elegant clutch with a crochet pattern, a piece of leather, and a button. 

Delia Creates | Delia Creates

This bag will look nice to use for any summer party, and its modern simplicity will match nicely with any outfit you choose.

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16. You won't get away without taking pictures this summer, so crochet yourself an adorable camera bag! 

Hopeful Honey | Hopeful Honey

This camera-inspired camera bag would be perfect to keep your Polaroid camera safe from scratches, and you can store other items inside of it as well. This is a summer necessity, in my opinion.

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