20+ Creative Lifehacks That Are Masterpieces Of Resourcefulness

Diply 5 Oct 2018

I really admire people who can improvise solutions on the fly. It's what made MacGyver seem like a technological and scientific wizard, and what made that a great show. MacGyver and people like him are creative enough to see promise in things that seem to have none and make things work that shouldn't.

That said, not every improvisation will be pretty or work for a long time, but then, they don't have to. They just have to get a very specific job done until a proper fix can be made. And, well, these sure qualify, and they might just give you some inspiration if you find yourself in a jam.

1. No handlebars for your bike? No problem if you can scrounge up a steering wheel.

Reddit | 65a1050

Would be a shame to not be able to ride a sweet vintage bike like that — and here's hoping the steering wheel is only a temporary fix.

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2. When the head of your hammer slips off but you still have hammering to do, what will you do? 

Reddit | reallyweirdperson

You can't go wrong with zip ties, amirite? Although, again, might not be the best long-term solution.

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3. Is your side mirror just not big enough to see everything you want to see? 

Reddit | AN0122

Because zip-tying a longer mirror to your side mirror will help, at least until you hit that extra-long mirror on something.

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4. I'm not sure about taping a phone onto a side mirror as a replacement, but it does look like it works.

Reddit | northead

Until the battery runs out, I guess you're golden.

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5. Downspouts are important for directing water away from your foundation, so keeping them in working order is worth sacrificing a boot, don't you think?

Reddit | gray_jacket

Come on, that's actually a pretty creative solution.

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6. If you want to set an artificial maximum volume on your stereo, all it takes is a drill and a pair of screws.

Reddit | StrBr

I hope parents are taking notes here.

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7. Floating pool chairs can be surprisingly expensive — but not so much pool noodles and empty buckets.

Reddit | ardvarknet

That's all this guy needed to transform a deck chair into cool, floating relaxation.

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8. This person's door obviously had trouble staying latched, and while their solution sure wasn't pretty, it's definitely effective.

Reddit | Rmsuchy

And it clearly didn't cost much, either, so it has that going for it, which is nice.

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9. Speaking of low cost solutions, I think this person just put the cell phone dashboard mount industry out of business.

Reddit | diegocogo

Because who needs some fancy holder when you can just use clear packing tape?

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10. A broken doorknob is no match for a pair of vise-grips. 

Reddit | pointlessdavid42

I would only worry that this might work too well and those vise-grips wouldn't make their way back into the toolbox.

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11. On the subject of missing knobs, if you're down a shifter knob for your car but you have a ball for your trailer hitch, you're in business.

Reddit | Treevus

Note the hose clamp used to keep that ball in place.

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12. This person broke the lever for their faucet, so they attached a teaspoon instead.

Reddit | Skitty_Lord

You have to admit, you never would have thought of a teaspoon in that situation. I know I wouldn't have.

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13. Sure, you could shell out for a full GoPro rig, or you could just tape your phone to a belt. 

Reddit | T__Dutch

I mean, that's pretty much the same thing at a fraction of the price, right?

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14. Keep this in store for when you're traveling and you don't want your toothbrush resting on the counter: punch a hole in the bottom of a paper cup to make a stand.

Reddit | BrReg

It works!

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15. Not sure whether the cart was in worse shape or the car, but either way, the horse is making both of them work together.

Reddit | WutUtalkingBoutWill

Of course, we don't all have access to horses, but you have to admire the creativity all the same.

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16. It's hard to recommend this method of extending a hedge trimmer just based on safety, but it sure did trim those hedges.

Reddit | usernameicanremember

Extra credit for putting down a tarp first to help with clean-up.

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17. Well, when you need a headlight for your bike, you could do worse than duct taping a flashlight to your handlebars.

Reddit | user1444

Safety first, guys! Although I don't know if there's enough duct tape on this thing.

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18. Cleaning just got a whole lot more interesting with this scrubber attachment on a trimmer.

Reddit | iAmAddicted2R_ddit

I just hope it isn't gas powered, or else using it indoors might get a bit too interesting.

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19. In lieu of a more traditional lampshade, slipping an empty detergent bottle over top of a light bulb seems effective.

Reddit | Absurd_Absurdity

If you're going for a certain "broke college student" mood, anyway.

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20. When this person needed a spout for their gas can, they decided to cut down a whiffle ball bat.

Reddit | yaunjamesyaun

Amazingly, it fits the opening and it's even the right color!

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21. People will do some pretty incredible things to keep their cars together, like this person's two-part bumper fix.

Reddit | xkeyscore_

Basically, they jammed a concrete anchor through the bumper and tied it on using a USB cable.

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22. If your bathroom light stopped working, would you tape a desk fan to the wall and wire it into the light switch?

Reddit | dragon-knoght

Me neither, but then again, I'm not the visionary who did this.

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23. You know, I get the need for air conditioning in a vehicle in the summer, but strapping a generator to the roof to run a window unit seems a bit much.

Reddit | NotTheAverageBear07

Especially when there's already a window that won't close. Still, that's some determination!

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24. So, putting a microwave out in front of your house to serve as your mailbox is one thing.

Reddit | CrazyCatLadyDonahue

Actually setting it up to plug in is another thing entirely, although that box might not be powered.

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