When it comes to crafting, I enjoy projects that are considered both easy and affordable. For me, the main reason I DIY is so I can create something that I love for a fraction of the price it would cost in a store. And while I'm not one to run away from a challenge, the easier it is for me to pull off a crafty project, the better, and I think most DIYers feel that way.

YouTube |  5-Minute Crafts

So, if you too are a fan of creative ideas that are both inexpensive and simple to do, you're going to enjoy the video below. It's chock full of some of the easiest crafting hacks imaginable and will definitely give you the urge to raid your craft supplies or restock it with a trip to your local dollar store.

YouTube |  5-Minute Crafts

P.S. Let's just say there's a project featured in this video that involves panty hose and a unicorn, and it made me say, "WHOA!" out loud. If that doesn't peak your curiosity, then I don't know what will!

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