16 Pics That Are Cooler Than Being Cool

Diply 19 Mar 2018

Alright, alright, alright, alright now readers. I'm gonna break this post down in just a few seconds here — now don't have me break this thing down for nothin'. Now I want to see y'all on your bestest behavior (and by that I mean, reading the whole thing). Let's shake it!

1. A bench created out of the cement it stands on 

Reddit | MadDanWithABox

I mean, saying that doesn't sound cool. At all. But look at the way this one bends, you know? Cement usually doesn't do that, it's too stiff. But this is the cool cement.

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2. These little furry fellas would kick your butt at follow-the-leader 

Reddit | knekkke

I can't decide if seeing this would give me the heebie-jeebies or be super cool, but I mostly want to know where they're going. Tell us your secrets, Mother Nature!

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3. Stop right there, something isn't right about this sign

Reddit | Nickslip8675309

Am I the only one who actually isn't a fan of someone getting a little creative with the font here? Sure, this one is cool, but imagine a Comic Sans one? The horror!

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4. This stack of cards truly belongs in the hands of a magician 

Reddit | Billy_OBrien_Jr

Yup, that 8 is printed upside down. And if you thought, "Well, maybe you should just flip it over," don't worry, I thought that too. It's been a long week.

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5. A jacket that comes with the most nifty and helpful little corner of material

Reddit | Samviii

Why can't all shirts come with this? Okay, it's not entirely practical, but it would make life a lot clearer.

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6. Someone had one little job, and they really screwed it up 

Reddit | Fructiiii

What a tool. They might be out of a gig, so hopefully they really nail their next job interview.

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7. I never thought I would say that the Vatican is giving me #DecorGoals, but I would be on board with these speakers

Reddit | brassnixon

Marble decor? You bet I'm into it. These would look great in my apartment, even if they wouldn't match as well as they do here. #Blessed

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8. A basketball court before all the, you know, sports details and stuff

Reddit | geekenox

So perfect. So smooth. I know they have yet to finish it, but I think it's perfect the way it is.

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9. These two trucks look like BFFs in the '90s that would wear almost the exact same thing to school dances  

Reddit | 874151

Please know exactly what I'm talking about or I've really aged myself.

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10. Finding a hidden note will never not be cool

Reddit | Reddit

Doesn't even matter what it says, really, but I would rather find a cute old note than a scary old letter, you know?

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11. These icicles have defied all expectations by living by their own rules

Reddit | MrWiggless-

Who says icicles have to hang down? Apparently, not icicles that form during a crazy windy winter storm.

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12. You wouldn't think the instructions would be needed, but there they are

Reddit | AlYakitori

Usually the face of a watch is cool, but this one has all sides covered. Also, I'm curious about the Unemployed Philosophers Guild — and, okay, basically everything about the back of this watch.

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13. A wee little pup that has a perfect paw print on its nose

Reddit | IamTheHoliest

Just when you think a puppy can't get any cuter! My little heart has completely melted over this pupper's cool nose.

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14. This huge carrot was obviously meant for the paint stamping life

Reddit | ihateunsaltedbutter

Not soups, stews, or any type of stir-fry. Just crafting. There's no better use for those intricate diamond designs!

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15. A fancy car fob to match your fancy car

Reddit | pilot_in_command

It makes me LOL slightly that something so expensive has something so cheesy, but who am I to judge? I would still want it.

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16. And the owner of this birthday dog knows a dog's birthday will always be cool

Instagram | @3.1415926535897932384626433832

If you don't have friends who understand how truly cool this is, then you need new friends. And more dogs in your life.

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