Sometimes you just gotta kick back and let your eyes wander on some sweet sights. Right now, we're going to do exactly that with these random pics — an assortment of all things peculiar and pleasing to the eye. 

The world's a weird place. Let's let the internet show us just how weird! 


1. What a tree-mendous sight to stumble upon. 

Some people think this pic is kinda creepy, but but there's no real reason to fear it. Well, unless it gets up and starts moving toward you, then gtfo!!! 

2. This sunflower looks like it's from another planet! Has science gone too far?!

2. This sunflower looks like it's from another planet!Has science gone too far?!
Reddit |  Verryfastdoggo

Those magic/science beans don't seem so silly of a purchase now, do they? A few more days and that thing will grow to be big enough to climb and grab the goose that poops gold or something.


3. The truth is out, up there. 

Just a cloud, you say? Well, us tinfoil-wearing super geniuses know that this is simply an advanced cloaking method used by space aliens to make us merely think it's a cloud! Oh wait, you're right, it's just a cloud, sorry. 

4. This absolute teenage unit ninja turtle!

4. This absolute teenage unit ninja turtle!
Instagram |  @kalesalad

They did not stress enough just how important this photo actually is. This turtle will go on to do great things and lead his people into a whole new world of fashionable jorts.