16 Pics Captured To Confuse The Curious

Diply 6 Jun 2018

As my team can attest, I am easily confused and amused. Which means when I dig into the internet to round up the photos I deem worthy of sharing with y'all, it can sometimes take a long time.

1. I honestly have no idea how this can be both the most confusing YET clear use of signs ever in fast food history (probably)

Reddit | 8thirtyam

I get that they mean you can order EVERYWHERE, but the arrows cause my confusion.

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2. A disaster of a clock that gives me a headache and not the time

Reddit | zuznna

They were trying to get creative and I'm into that, but I'm not into whatever this mess is. Can you even tell what the place is called? BECAUSE I CAN'T!

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3. What I want to know is whether anyone has, like, almost tripped because they thought there was a fold and went to miss it? 

Reddit | me_zus

Anyway, why would you design this AND THEN LET IT HAPPEN FOR REAL?!!

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4. I...just don't know what is happening anymore

Reddit | LLGhost16LL

Did they even try? Or did they just think "Yeah, these peeps are popular, let's throw them on a shirt because who REALLY pays attention these days?" THE ANSWER IS ME and the rest of the internet.

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5. Why would anyone think that this shower was good to go? 

Reddit | Xintavia

You're going to get water everywhere every single time and that's just annoying. Shower heads do not belong on that wall, it is a fact.

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6. Yes, okay, but isn't a "lone wolf" actually...alone?

Reddit | ahartsock

And therefore all this makes zero sense because I spy not one just wolf, but two. Tbh, truck decals in general don't make much sense to me.

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7. Yeah, nope, those are not fruit, they are potatoes. And yes, I double-checked because I don't want anyone coming for me in the comments

Reddit | leowitharrows

Potatoes are amazing, so this label is a crime. They deserve more than this.

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8. Why is the red one blue and the blue one red??

Reddit | JDDDouble

Are they trying to cause someone to make a mistake? Does it not matter that one is removable and one is high strength? BAD IDEA.

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9. It's a patriotic hat and all, but it's certainly in the wrong country to make it work. This was found in a Canadian store

Reddit | Smilodon-Fatalis

Although it would be really entertaining to have a bunch of people wearing this on the First of July.

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10. I will never understand why anyone would knit this and NOT see that it's a gross, really bad, yucky idea

Psyk0Tripp | Psyk0Tripp

Like, yeah, no. Sure, it'll be cozy. I guess? But only for the first person.

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11. I won't tell you how long it took me to figure out why this place wanted to shout CRAP at everyone who walks by

Reddit | mokeson

I'll just let you figure it out for yourself.

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12. They're trying to educate, and it's going very badly and very 50 Shades of Grey

Reddit | FriedKiwi

This is a case where photocopying is not what you want to do, because no one pees in gray. If they do, they def need to get that checked out.

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13. You would think SOMEONE at some point would catch on that nothing is going as planned

Reddit | notactuallybald

Especially because it's not just one door. Like, come on.

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amruxiii | amruxiii

I wish it wasn't, because that would mean I could grab that bad boy right now. How disappointing.

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15. Well now, if you're going to use a state that looks like a letter...you would think you would replace that letter

losvestidosrojos | losvestidosrojos

But apparently not. LLVE makes total sense, though.

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16. And I'm trying to figure out how the heck this happened, because how strong does one have to be to make a straw impale EVERYTHING? 'cause those suckers are not strong  

Reddit | Reddit
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