You're Gonna Wanna Try These 11+ Clothing Hacks Right Now

Diply 28 Aug 2018

I absolutely hate throwing out clothes. If my boyfriend gets a tiny stain or hole in a place that literally no one would ever notice, he wants to throw it out immediately.

I'm always finding cool things to do with my old clothes, or I'm using random hacks I've learned to save them from the trash. If you were to ever meet me, it's likely I'm wearing a shirt I've spilled ketchup on several times over. It's just that I'm crafty enough that you'll never know.

1. Use sandpaper to give grip to slippery soles.

Krazy Coupon Lady | Krazy Coupon Lady

If you tend to slide every which way when you're wearing a new pair of shoes, give them a nice scrape with a block of sandpaper. The Krazy Coupon Lady says it'll give them some grip so they'll stick instead of slide.

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2. Turn an old belt and a placemat into a super cute no-sew clutch.

By Wilma | By Wilma

It's incredible how easy this hack is! I love when you can use random things from your closet and around the house to make something new. By Wilma totally nailed this one!

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3. Use household ingredients to remove difficult stains.

Hometalk | Rob And Courtney M

A little bit of dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda can really go a long way in getting out unwanted stains. Now my boyfriend can keep all of his clothes instead of tossing them out!

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I'm super impressed with Rob & Courtney's hack that seems to get even the most stubborn stains out of fabric. 

Hometalk | Rob And Courtney M

You could even package it in a super cute cork-topped jar like they did with an adorable little label.

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4. Use a flat iron to smooth out collars and cuffs.

She Tried What | She Tried What

If you've got a collar that needs flattening or a pair of jeans that have come uncuffed, you can just use your flat iron to fix it. Thanks to She Tried What for this great hack!

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5. Scrub out a stain using an extra toothbrush.

Hometalk | Wendy Mallins

Sometimes stains need a little extra power to get loose. Wendy says to use the bristles of a toothbrush to get those stains out. If it works for your teeth, why not for fabric, too?

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6. Use a straw to rethread a string in your fave hoodie.

Lifehacker | Thorin Klosowski

I think we've all had the problem of the string falling out of our favorite hoodie. Not to fear, Thorin has the solution for us!

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7. Pack all of your clothes in a sock.

Reddit | zodman

Next time you're trying to pack everything into carry-on luggage, use this trick to make sure everything stays compact.

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8. Give an old pair of flats new life with spray paint.

Chasing Foxes | Chasing Foxes

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: gold spray paint fixes everything. This color-blocked look from Chasing Foxes is adorable.

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9. Pantie liners make excellent sweat absorbers. 

Common Cents Mom | Common Cents Mom

Next time your time of the month is around the corner, pick up an extra box of pantie liners while you're at it. Common Cents Mom says they absorb foot sweat instantly.

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10. Use a cheese grater to give your jeans a super chic, distressed look.

Seams And Scissors | Seams And Scissors

Basically, you just rub the grater all over your jeans until you've got your desired look. You'll save a ton with this hack from Seams And Scissors.

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11. Dawn dish soap is a great alternative to tossing your clothes in the laundry machine.

Pinterest | Ivette Rosario

If you want a gentle wash on something without running a full load, Dawn dish soap will be your best friend.

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12. Use pool noodles in your closet to keep your boots upright.

Therapy Fun Zone | Therapy Fun Zone

There are tons of really amazing uses for pool noodles, but I'll save those for another day. I'm excited about how to use them in my closet!

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For boots that you're worried will lose their shape, you can put them inside to help them stay upright.

Musely | Anais Baeza

You won't have to worry about floppy boots ever again!

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13. Use glass cleaner to give patent leather shoes a nice shine.

The Krazy Coupon Lady | The Krazy Coupon Lady

I would never have thought to use glass cleaner to keep my shoes shiny, but if The Krazy Coupon Lady says it works, then I believe her!

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14. Turn a pair of your favorite sweats into adorable shorts.

SnapGuide | SnapGuide

I love a good pair of sweatpants, but sometimes you want that comfort in a shorter form, too. SnapGuide gives us a tutorial on how to do it.

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15. Add a patch to clothes that have rips or tears.

Design Mom | Design Mom

Don't give up on your old clothes! A patch can be totally trendy, and it's super easy to add on to stuff you've got in your closet. Design Mom nailed this one!

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16. Have the cuffs of your shorts come undone?

Twitter | @AlannaStef

You've probably already got the magic tool to fix them in your bathroom! Use a flat iron to flatten out the cuffs on your shorts.

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17. I hate wearing skirts on windy days since I'm always worried about them flying around.

Itch To Stitch | Itch To Stitch

Sew a heavy coin into a pocket on your skirt so they have more weight! Itch To Stitch says it'll help them drape better, too.

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18. Don't toss out your tank tops just because you think they're a bit boring.

Twitter | @gabbyrogalevich

You can totally give them an upgrade by playing around with the straps of the shirt!

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19. I hate when I buy shoes in my "size" but they're actually too small.

Agape Love Designs | Agape Love Designs

If you want to stretch them out without killing your feet, put a bag of water in them, then place them in the freezer. Agape Love Designs says the water will freeze and stretch out your shoes!

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20. Grease stains be gone!

Budget 101 | Budget 101

White chalk is your bestie when it comes to getting out a stain quickly and easily. The chalk will soak up that bad boy and you'll be on your way. Love this idea from Budget 101!

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21. A paper clip is handy for anyone who wants to hide their bra straps.

Pinterest | Pinterest

Next time you're wearing a racerback tank, pull in your bra straps using a paper clip!

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22. And finally, if you're still wearing suede boots, here's how to clean off the salt stains.

Pinned By Sophia | Pinned By Sophia

Pinned By Sophia says to use a bowl of water and vinegar with a cotton towel to get them clean!

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