15+ Clothespin Hacks For Everyday Use

Diply 9 Oct 2018

Clothespins are the perfect tool for the job. They're cheap and inexpensive, and the basic design has been unchanged for over a century.

While they're optimal for hanging clothes, these little devices — just two pieces of wood and a spring — come in handy in all sorts of unexpected ways.

1. Corral wayward earbuds.

Instructables | LulusWorld

Earbuds are a great space-saver for those who want to listen to their music without wearing big clunky ear cans. But earbuds have a way of getting hopelessly tangled. Use clothespins to remedy the problem, as demonstrated in LuLusWorld's simple Instructables DIY.

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2. Better than a napkin ring.

YouTube | Guidecentral English

This one from Guidecentral English is pretty in-depth, but it looks like a fun project for intrepid DIYers. This elegant napkin holder looks great, and it's made out of standard wooden clothespins.

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3. Elevate your toothbrush.

Instagram | @girlshacks13

I love a hack that's so simple, only a single photo is needed to demonstrate its effectiveness. This one, shared by @girlshacks13 on Instagram, is a perfect example. It keeps your toothbrush bristles high and dry, and all you need is a clothespin.

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4. Give dish gloves a home.

The Soccer Mom Blog | The Soccer Mom Blog

It can be tough to find the right spot to stash your rubber dish gloves. This simple hack from The Soccer Mom Blog utilizes clothespins attached with double-sided tape to the inside of a cabinet. It'll keep gloves dry and take up almost no real estate.

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5. Clothespins: the candle maker's best friend.

Candle Tech | Candle Tech

If you've ever made candles, you know that keeping the flimsy wick elevated while the wax sets is a bit of a pain. This simple tip from Candle Tech shows that a simple clothespin will solve the problem quite nicely.

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6. Give your to-do list some flair.

Tumblr | acharmingproject

This one from A Charming Project is perfect for crafters. Custom labels on clothespins that are attached to twine offer a visually pleasing alternative to a standard list. These also make it easy to clip letters, notes, and grocery lists into the appropriate category.

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7. Make an adjustable phone stand.

YouTube | CrazyRussianHacker

There are tons of ways to prop your phone up, but this might be one of the best. YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker demonstrates a super simple method for turning four clothespins into an adjustable phone stand — no extra tools required!

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8. Strip wire like a pro.

YouTube | IT-MAN

Depending on your line of work and your hobbies, a wire stripper can be a super handy tool. If you don't have one, you can put one together using a clothespin as a base. IT-MAN shared full instructions in this YouTube video.

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9. Pew! Pew!

YouTube | The King of Random

Sure, this one has no practical use, but c'mon — you're not not going to make a mini matchstick gun out of clothespins. You'll need wood glue and a knife (and maybe some parental supervision) to create this out-of-the-box toy from YouTuber The King of Random.

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10. Teach your kids math.

YouTube | Just5mins

Clothespins make for good study aids, as demonstrated by DIY YouTuber Just5mins. Combining visual and tactile learning, this hack is as simple as writing on clothespins and toothpicks with a felt marker.

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11. Customize a photo frame.

Instructables | The Antiques Craftsman

It's always satisfying to create your own wall art, and The Antiques Craftsman shows us an awesome custom photo frame on Instructables. The concept is simple, but the end result is awesome — especially once you add your favorite snapshots!

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12. Get creative with paintbrushes.

Parenting Chaos | Parenting Chaos

When it comes to kids' art projects, it's about the creativity and the process more than the end result. The contributors at Parenting Chaos suggest using unique items clipped into clothespins as fun alternatives to standard paintbrushes.

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13. Treat your paintbrushes right.

Instructables | Thinkenstein

Leaving paintbrushes bristles-up will leave them with paint dried on. Leaving them bristles-down damages the bristles. Solution: use rigid wire to attach clothespins to a jar, then clamp the clothespins onto the paintbrushes. This one comes courtesy of Instructables user Thinkenstein.

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14. Don't lose your place.

Imgur | clifwith1f

Clothespins are an ideal bookmark: they effectively keep your place, and even hold your book open for you. Imgur user clifwith1f demonstrates their effectiveness with this pic — and even goes the extra mile by incorporating an LED light. No judgment if you just want the bookmark functionality, though.

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15. Get every last bit of toothpaste.

Instructables | Grunambulax

Toothpaste is notoriously difficult to extract once the tube runs low. Rather than struggling, try hacking together a reusable toothpaste squeezer. This Instructables DIY from Grunambulax is a little more in-depth than just applying a clothespin, but it's pretty straightforward all the same.

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16. Learn the art of chopsticks.

YouTube | digitaLLoupe

Chopsticks are great once you know how to use them, but the learning curve can be tough for little hands. You can make a simple trainer chopstick, where the sticks are attached together using the spring from a clothespin. This one comes from YouTuber digitaLLoupe.

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