12+ Clever People Just In It For The Lolz

Diply 15 Oct 2018

A few bright ideas could change the world, put people on Mars, or really help people — the ones we're looking at today, however, only exist for the laughs. I mean, I can't recall the last time a good pun or a funny pic really helped our planet, but it's good to be able to relax and laugh from time to time. So, let's get to it!

1. While you were sleeping...

Instagram | @will_ent

You gotta be careful when sleeping out there, you never know when some jokester Photoshop master is gonna come along and make your nap time, like, a hundred times more epic.

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2. There's always a way to beat the system.

Instagram | @kalesalad

And if that means partying like it's 1959, then so be it! Well, not that they were really rocking Kanye back in 1959, but you know what I mean.

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3. This tattoo shop always has the funniest signs. 

Reddit | blinkf2

I've seen some really lol-worthy signs out there before, but to have one place so consistently different and funny? That's crazy. Do they have a whole writing team just for these things?!

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4. These darn punks and their graffiti! And vast knowledge of calculus. 

Reddit | NutAllergi

Me, I can barely spell the word calculus, let alone decipher these equations. I tell ya, the kids are a nuisance these days! What with their big brains and all.

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5. Not sure if they should stick to math or join an art school.

Twitter | @zachkrone18

It does take some heavy math skills to pull that off. I wish I payed more attention in math. Now, let's move on to number...whatever number comes after 5.

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6. The banana aisle is gonna be a mess.

Instagram | @will_ent

I could see this getting out of hand real quick, but I'm glad they at least went for it. I just feel bad for the turtles that will be shell-less after this.

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7. Eh, sometimes you gotta work with what ya got. 

Twitter | @BrendenMelody

I guess the best ideas are those that just sorta come naturally, in the moment, and/or just when you're really hungry.

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8. They nailed it!

Instagram | @will_ent

Even back when that statue was made, people always had that one friend who just ended up drinkin' one too many, huh?

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9. Hi! My name is, WHAT? My name is, WHO? My name is — fisha-fisha 

Reddit | jesslikesmusic17

10/10 best fish name out there currently. I wonder if this fish will start writing diss tracks against the young Marine-Gun Guppy...

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10. This joke seems a little phoned in, but alright. 

Twitter | @Million

Normally, I'd call out a bad pun like this, but lately I've felt like a big phony. I'm out here dialing up some puns, too.

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11. Actually, I could see this being pretty useful. 

Tumblr | jakeklock

And if you don't get this reference, you might just be too young. Or, you might just have really good taste, I don't know.

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12. "Banana for scale" is sooo 2000-late. 

Twitter | @SaraWThinks

Ironically enough, the phrase "2000-late" is now nine years old — making that expression itself 2000-late. Point is, we get to look at a cute puppy right now, so all is good in the world.

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13. One good party trick!

Twitter | @StevStiffler

A really funny move to pull here is to have a light blue cup and start talking to someone else with that same color. Then, while you're talking, switch to a pink cup and wink at them. See how freaked out they get.

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14. Gotta get 'em somehow.

Twitter | @tastefactory

Those poor, horny little ants...they'll never see it coming. And really, the ones going to the "Blockbuster Video For Ants" should definitely see it coming, right?

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15. I once bought a fish that was thiiiiiis big...in receipts. 

Twitter | @chrisgera

I mean, for only two items, yeah, that's pretty impressive. Never thought to use paper towels as bait before!

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16. Now this is a power move!

Reddit | bluemango43

I would definitely hire someone who pulled this off, but then again, we write humor stuff over here, so it helps to be funny. Might not want to do this at a law firm or something.

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