18+ Clever Moving Hacks We Wish Somebody Told Us About Sooner

Diply 24 Oct 2018

I've mentioned it so many times over the last few weeks, so I figured I'd write an article about it. I'm moving! And I seriously need all the help I can get. Considering I still don't know where I'll be living in five weeks, packing is far from my mind.

But, I know sooner or later I'm going to have to get started with things, and I'm really excited to try some of these clever hacks to help me out.

1. When packing glass plates, put a foam plate between each one!

The Frugal Girls | The Frugal Girls

Honestly, if I can get through an entire move without breaking a plate, things are going to be good. I've moved way too many times to count over the last 10 years, and I'm sure I've broken more plates than that.

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2. Here's another easy way to transport plates from Two Birds Build A Nest.

Tumblr | Two Birds Build A Nest

You'll still want to use the foam plate method, but you can store them inside of one these large buckets you can get from the hardware store.

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3. This hack seems so easy, but I seriously had never thought of it.

Lifehack | Lifehack

Carrying boxes from the bottom is no easy task, so Lifehack recommends cutting some holes in the side for your hands.

Ummm, this is brilliant.

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4. Guys, next time you move you're going to want to stock up on plastic wrap.

Listotic | Listotic

It helps to keep everything in place without having to individually move things around. Seriously, you're going to want to get a ton of this stuff!

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5. I've seen a lot of hacks for moving your clothing, but this one is new to me!

Reddit | jaglo87

Use zip-ties to keep your hangers together, it'll make things so much easier when it's time to move them!

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6. Moving all of your makeup can definitely be a pain in the butt.

Miss Natty's Beauty Diary | Miss Natty's Beauty Diary

I'm definitely worried about something breaking, that's for sure. Miss Natty's Beauty Diary recommends putting cotton pads in compacts to help absorb the shock if they drop. This is pretty great for traveling, too!

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7. Have holes in the wall you need to fill easily while on a budget?

The Gracious Wife | The Gracious Wife

Use a crayon that matches your paint color to fill in the hole like The Gracious Wife did.

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8. Plates aren't the only thing I'm worried about breaking when I'm moving.

Imgur | thunder2132

Try putting your glassware in socks before packing them up. It'll help with an extra layer of cushion.

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9. Make use of all your spaces!

Kiwi Services | Kiwi Services

Fill pots, the microwave, your slow cooker, and more with stuff from the kitchen instead of packing it in boxes. Isn't this idea from Kiwi Services genius?!

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10. Label, label, label.

Pinterest | Tiffany Cahill

There is nothing worse than having a bunch of brown boxes that look exactly the same, and having no idea where you need to put everything. This will definitely help you out!

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11. Want an easy way to get a ton of boxes?

Reddit | idfktbhhh

Order your plastic bins on Amazon and it'll be shipped in a cardboard box. That's two boxes for the price of one!

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12. Utilize all those tote bags you paid a couple bucks for but never used.

Reddit | Reddit

They are sturdy with handles, which makes them great for carrying heavy items like books.

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13. Got laundry racks that are impossible to move without hitting you in the face?

Imgur | Imgur

Use some plastic bags and tie those suckers together! That'll stop them from moving around with every step you take.

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14. I've used this for travel, but never thought to try it when moving!

Kiwi Services | Kiwi Services

If you're worried about leaks with your kitchen or bathroom items, try putting a piece of plastic wrap under the cap like Kiwi Services did here.

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15. Here's another way to transport a ton of clothes without having to pack them in a box.

The Wicker House | The Wicker House

Use large garbage bags to keep them all together! The Wicker House used this idea to keep the clothes safe and easy to move.

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16. Purge all those things you don't need!

Reorganize Today | Reorganize Today

This is definitely top of my list for when we move. I love this idea for organizing all of your items. My closet definitely needs this hack from Reorganize Today!

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17. Zip-ties can be used for your cutlery and utensils, too!

Instagram | @byechaos

This is a great way to make sure things don't get lost and everything stays together. Definitely worth a shot!

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18. Jewelry is the worst thing to move, whether it's while travelling or to a new home.

Instagram | @skeletonkeyorganizing

That's why I love the idea of separating them and organizing them in egg cartons! No more tangled messes.

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19. If you've got a bunch of little toys you don't want to get lost, try Press'n Seal to keep them together.

Instagram | @jadewald

This could also work with jewelry or any other little items you don't want to lose in the move.

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20. Okay, this one is definitely super smart, especially if you've got Ikea furniture.

Lazy Tries | Lazy Tries

Lazy Tries recommends putting all the lose screws for your furniture in bags, then taping that bag to the furniture. So simple, but so smart!

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21. Apparently when you are moving mirrors, adding an "X" with some tape will help avoid breakage.

One Crazy House | One Crazy House

Apparently the tape absorbs some of the shock and will help keep it in one piece! Thanks to One Crazy House for this one.

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22. Remember when I said plastic wrap was going to be your best friend?

Lifehack | Lifehack

You can also wrap full items in it! This is great if you don't want to unpack your dresser and want to transport it with all your clothes inside.

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23. Use sticky notes to make note of what is inside your cupboards, and what should still be packed.

Pinterest | Jennifer Deal

This definitely will help you stay sane throughout the whole process!

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24. And finally, use plastic zipper bags to organize small items.

Hip2Save | Hip2Save

Hip2Save recommends this for small bathroom or kitchen items that can't be separated, or things you're worried about losing.

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