These Clever Lifehacks Are Worth More Than A Second Look

Diply 1 Oct 2018

Lifehacks are pretty polarizing. It often seems that people fall under the category of loving them or hating them with the fire of a thousand suns. When any new lifehack is posted to Twitter or Reddit, people immediately criticize it simply for existing.

Which is a shame, because even if a given lifehack isn't useful in your life, it might be perfect for someone else. Likewise, there's probably a hack out there that's perfect for you.

1. Use cupcake liners to keep bugs out of your drinks.

Instagram | @foods2hack

Nothing ruins a backyard party like accidentally swallowing a bug that drowned in your fruit punch. Ew. Colorful cupcake liners can help. Just poke a straw through the center. You could even pick liners that match your party's theme.

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2. Pack more by rolling your clothes.

Instructables | Von Malegowski

Whether you're trying to fit all your stuff into a small suitcase or just trying to take more with you, the rolling method is perfect for travel. As long as you choose fabrics that don't need special treatment, everything will be perfect when you arrive.

For the full steps, check out this tutorial from Von Malegowski on Instructables.

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3. Easily clean pet hair off furniture with hot glue and dish gloves. 

Instagram | @diywrld

There are certain fabrics that pet fur just clings to and no lint roller can ever seem to get it fully clean, and most of those fabrics seem to be used to upholster furniture.

Dish gloves with some hot glue on the palm will attract the worst of it, helping that lint roller do its job.

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4. Use toilet bowl cleaner to wash stained grout.

Rad + The Rest | Rad + The Rest

The cleanser is meant to deal with really stubborn grime, and the nozzle makes it easy to apply the cleaner to the grout. Check out the full steps over at Rad + The Rest.

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5. Use a store clothes hanger to hold open heavy books.

Reddit | sqyoung625

It can be annoying to study when your textbook keeps trying to flip shut, so force it to stay open by using a clothes hanger with sturdy built-in clips. This is also great for cookbooks, since you can hang it from a cupboard door for easy reference.

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6. Use a paperclip to keep luggage zippers closed.

Instructables | ReelHeat

It's a good idea to lock your luggage before checking it. Not only will it prevent snooping, but it'll also keep the double zipper from opening by accident. If you don't have a lock, you can solve the second problem with a paperclip.

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7. If reaching around the bread end bugs you, slip it down the side of the loaf.

Reddit | Lanceofalltrades

Now, this is a very specific hack, and some would argue that this would make the bread stale, but it'll probably help someone.

Personally, I just add a bit of peanut butter and give the ends to my dogs.

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8. Add your contact info to your keys with a dog tag.

Instructables | mtdna

If you lose your keys, the finder can know who to contact.

Another option would be to go to a pet store with the self-serve collar tag engraving machines.

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9. Clean plastic toys in the dishwasher. 

Facebook | Eat Craft Parent

This is perfect for busy parents. Use white vinegar instead of dish soap to ensure the toys aren't exposed to chemicals kids shouldn't ingest. Because we all know those toys end up in their mouths eventually.

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10. Double-up on your closet space with some pop tabs.

Instructables | AUGUSTO VJ

There are tons of expensive closet systems and space-saving products, but if you're just looking to hang more clothes, pop tabs are an easy and free option.

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11. Repair a fraying charging cable with heat shrink tubing.

Instructables | Fionaussie

Not all charging cables are made equal, and sometimes the outer covering can begin to break down. As long as the wires are still okay, though, you can save it.

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All you need is some heat shrink tubing and a hair dryer. 

Instructables | Fionaussie

Unless you're strict about your cables looking nice, check out the instructions shared to Instrucables by user Fionaussie.

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12. For a prettier fix, try braided leather.


If you've noticed that both of these include photos of Apple cables, that's because they are the most common ones to have this problem. They aren't designed to prevent it.

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If you've got a few minutes, you can solve that with this hack.

Reddit | hahnatelier

Not only will it cover up an already frayed cord, but it can also prevent that problem before it happens. The full instructions can be found here.

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13. Use dental floss to fix a crappy spiral notebook.

Instructables | shepan13

Ever had one of those spiral notebooks where the gap was so wide between the rings that the paper slips out? We all have. Instead of wasting an otherwise fine book, string some floss between the rings to block that gap.

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14. Treat yo' self to a spa day by tying eucalyptus to your shower head.

Reddit | Mari1aAW

The steam will mingle with the leaves and create a lovely, soothing scent, perfect for a bit of self-care.

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15. Fix sticky drawers with a candle.

Instructables | Simple_Life_Hacks

Drawers that aren't on sliders can sometimes stick a bit, but you don't need to retrofit some easy-glide sliders to solve that problem. Just rub a candle along the surface to remove some of the friction.

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16. Stuck in a hotel room with a curtain gap? Check the closet. 

Reddit | brianfisk10

Many hotel rooms stock the closet with hangers equipped with pants clips. Those same clips can hold the curtains closed and save you from an unintended wake-up call.

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17. Give your electric toothbrush a home with a flat hook and velcro. 

Ikea Hackers | Ikea Hackers

Maybe your bathroom outlet is in an awkward place or you just don't like keeping an electric item beside the sink. Either way, this trick from Ikea Hackers is for you.

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Their version uses a Bjarnum Folding Hook from Ikea.

Ikea Hackers | Ikea Hackers

Of course, you can use any hook of the same style that's large enough to fit your particular toothbrush base.

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18. Easily clean a gross oven with ammonia and boiling water. 

This Grandma Is Fun | This Grandma Is Fun

No one wants to spend an afternoon scrubbing their oven, so why not let it clean itself, even without a self-cleaning cycle? A bowl of ammonia and a bowl of hot water left overnight will soften all that grime.

Check out This Grandma Is Fun for the full instructions.

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An important warning when using this hack:


If you have a gas oven, you should put out the pilot light beforehand. Also, never mix ammonia with any other cleaning products.

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19. You can also use ammonia to clean your stove burners. 

The V Spot | The V Spot

Close them up in a heavy duty bag with a bit of ammonia and let them sit overnight. The grime will wipe right off in the morning.

Remember: Don't mix ammonia with other cleaners. This is important enough for me to mention twice.

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20. Fix a stuck luggage handle with a bit of tape.

Instructables | mattfumi

Yes, tape. A lot of the time, a sticky handle is due to wear and tear along where the handle rubs the frame. Putting tape over the roughened up spots will remove the friction problem.

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