13+ Clever Lifehacks That'll Come In Handy Someday

Diply 3 Oct 2018

These moments may not come around often, but every now and then we'll solve someone's annoying problem with an outside-the-box answer they never even considered.

If there's anything more satisfying than blowing somebody's mind, it's suddenly becoming their hero, and these little moments give us both for the price of one.

We may not remember all of the little lifehacks we've heard about, but when you've got this many to pick from, that ought to up the chances of remembering one when you really do need it.

1. Blowing your nose in the shower is softer on your nostrils and might make them feel cleaner.

Reddit | Panda_911

One redditor with a sensitive pharynx even found it safer than using tissue because it didn't swell their mucous membranes as much.

Just make sure it all goes down the drain.

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And when you have a cold, make sure that shower is nice and hot.

Reddit | [deleted]

After all, that creates more steam, and steam is a very handy nasal decongestant. According to author Deborah Hodgson-Ruetz, it also keeps mucous from getting thick.

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2. If you're flying with kids, a travel tray like this could save a lot of headaches.

Flight With Kids | Flight With Kids

Avoid using carseat trays for this, though, because those can end up being a little too bulky to fit in such a cramped space.

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3. If you're stuck with some stubborn shoe stains, your answer may be nail polish remover.

Pinterest | Pinterest

There's nothing quite like making everybody think you bought some fresh new shoes but you only dropped, like, two bucks. Just in case you wanted to be a secret genius.

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4. Before you go thrift shopping, check for any secondhand stores in upscale neighborhoods. 

YouTube | Macklemore LLC

People in those areas are considered more likely to toss out some pretty nice clothes for minor reasons. And if you're lucky, their trash can turn into your treasure.

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5. If you need to soften your butter quickly, just put a warm glass over it.

YouTube | OnePotChefShow

For best results, you'll want to boil some water, let it cool for a minute, and then pour it into the glass. Once the water heats up the glass, pour it out quickly (but with care) and put the glass over the butter for a minute.

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6. You can use toothpaste to rub off water rings on tables.

Reddit | the_upcyclist

Instead of kicking yourself for not using a coaster or a tablecloth, just squirt some toothpaste on a soft cloth and start rubbing the unsightly area down.

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7. If cords keep falling when you're setting up your computer, all you need is some help from a little friend.

Reddit | [deleted]

Yeah, it turns out that Lego men have the perfect hand shape for a lot of tricky little cords.

This little Lego guy should probably calm down, though, he looks weird.

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8. If you're walking at night, your phone's flashlight can make cars a lot more likely to see you.

Reddit | Stormcloud67

Just be careful to use this little trick wisely because the flashlight has a special talent for gobbling up your battery life.

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9. When you grab a cup of coffee, make sure the hole you're drinking through isn't lined up with the seam.

Twitter | @ThatsGoodMan

The seam is helpfully leaking in this picture to show us what to avoid. Even the best baristas can miss this sometimes.

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10. Make a slit in a tennis ball and you've suddenly got yourself a handy little holder.

Pinterest | Pinterest

Just be careful not to put something you're planning to smell in there, because the insides of tennis balls aren't great in that department.

The googly eyes are optional.

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11. Putting "needs meds" or "reward" on a dog's collar is a better bet to make whoever finds them actually bring them back.

me.me | me.me

It sucks to think about, but all the contact information in the world won't matter if somebody else wants your dog as much as you do.

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12. Storing your sheets inside of your pillow cases is a great way to keep a matching set together.

YouTube | Martha Stewart

The last thing either of them need is to end up in the same phantom zone that those missing socks go to.

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13. House flies hate being around lavender.

Reddit | Ghost_Animator

If you hate lavender too, not to worry! Basil, peppermint, ginger, and lemongrass can also work to repel them.

Lavender also works on midges and moth larvae, but it might not work against fruit flies.

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14. If you've got a confusing web of power cords in your room, you might want to start saving your bread clips.

Reddit | Careing73

I wouldn't really recommend putting a hot tub in the same room as your computer and a life support machine, though.

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15. If you've spilled nail polish right after running out of nail polish remover, sugar can also help you clean it up.

YouTube | GFT216

Pour enough of the sweet stuff on and the nail polish will clump up so you can easily sweep it away.

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16. Just because you can't pump anymore lotion out doesn't mean the bottle is empty.

Reddit | MosYEETo

If you cut the bottle in half, you'll probably find that a lot more lotion than you might expect was hiding at the bottom all along.

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17. Putting plastic wrap over your ice cream can help prevent freezer burn.

Making Cooley Stuff | Making Cooley Stuff

Once you put the tub lid over this protective layer, your ice cream should stay fresher for longer without any of those pesky little ice crystals.

Or, just eat it all at once. That also works.

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18. If you're looking for something to hold your ingredients while you cook, these microwaveable food trays can do the job. 

Reddit | KittyCannes

But to be on the safe side, it may not be a good idea to keep disposable plastics around for too long after that.

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19. You may not use CDs much anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't use the container you used to hold them in.

Reddit | Mari1aAW

Because if they could protect those sensitive discs from scratches, they should be able to keep your bagelwich from falling apart.

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20. If you're stuck with some leftover hot dog buns, you can easily turn them into garlic bread.

Reddit | Jam_E_Dodger

All you need is some butter and garlic powder, then you just broil them on a baking sheet for a few minutes and voilà!

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21. If wear and tear leaves your dish gloves lonely, there's a handy way to pair up mismatched ones.

Getty Images | Petri Oeschger

If you've got two that go on the left hand and none that go on the right hand, just turn them inside-out. Now you've got a rightie, too.

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22. If you're pretty confident that you're hungry enough for a full bag of salad, you don't need a bowl.

Reddit | looper1010

Just cut open the bag and mix in the dressing, and then you've got a way to save those dishes for when you really need them.

Work smarter, not harder.

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23. Your hotel room may not have a toothbrush holder, but it's probably got little paper cups.

YouTube | BrReg

And as we can see here, that means it really did have a toothbrush holder all along. That sandwich bag was getting a little slimy.

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