16 Clever iPhone Hacks To Make Anyone An Apple Genius

Diply 30 May 2018

iPhones are handy and beautiful, but sometimes it feels like they'll break if you look at them funny.

If you're committed to getting your money's worth out of this investment, it's worth learning a few tricks to make your phone more efficient, more durable and just plain better.

1. Stay focused.

YouTube | Mark Weimer

Tapping the screen while snapping a pic sets the point of focus, but moving the camera eliminates the focal point. If you hold down for a second, you'll see an "AF Lock" box, which allows you to keep the focal point.

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2. Take shortcuts.

iPad Help | iPad Help

In the Text Replacement menu, you can enter shortcuts for stuff you'd rather not type out every time.

For instance, you can set things so you only have to type "direx" for your phone to display directions to your house.

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3. Know who's calling from how your phone vibrates.

YouTube | Inam Ghafoor

If you go into Contacts and edit a person, you have the option of creating a custom vibration so you'll know exactly who's texting just from the way your phone is buzzing in your pocket.

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4. Get your reach on.

iDownload Blog | iDownload Blog

If you have small hands, it can be tough to touch the top of the screen. If you double-tap (don't press) the home button, it'll move the screen down, making it easier to tap.

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5. Recover your lost text.

iMore | iMore

If you've accidentally deleted a few lines of text, fear not. Just shake your phone and it'll give you the option of undoing your last action.

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6. Take pics without touching the screen.

Among Tech | Among Tech

You can press the volume button on a pair of headphones, or the volume button on the phone itself, to take a pic without smudging up your screen.

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7. Use your phone as a level.

Barclay Communications | Barclay Communications

With its range of accelerometers and sensors, the iPhone is full of random tools. If you open the Compass app and swipe left, you'll find a fully-functional level tool.

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8. Let Siri find you a ride.

Mac Rumors | Mac Rumors

Uber is dead simple, and so is Siri. If you've got Uber enabled on your phone, you don't need to mess around in the app. Just say, "Siri, get me an Uber".

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9. Rig up a tougher charging cable.

Insider | Insider

These cables are always breaking, so why not reinforce them? Just take a spring from a pen and put it around the cable. Then use a heat-shrinking tube, put it around the spring and apply heat to make the cable way more durable.

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10. Help Siri learn.

TapSmart | TapSmart

If Siri's mangling a word or a name, don't stand for it — correct her! Just say, "That's not how you pronounce ____" and you'll be asked for the correct pronunciation.

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11. Take a pic while shooting vids.

Wikimedia Commons | Jody Hodnett

If you're shooting video but want to take a quick snapshot without disrupting things, just press the shutter button that's next to the video button.

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12. Charge your phone, lightning-fast.

9 to 5 Mac | 9 to 5 Mac

If you want to charge your battery and you're in a hurry, just engage Airplane Mode. This takes away wifi and data functionality, meaning the battery will charge faster.

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13. Make your home button feel right.

Mac Rumors | Mac Rumors

The haptic feedback of the iPhone 7's home button takes some getting used to. But in the Settings menu, there are a number of options to make the home button feel like...home.

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14. You don't need a Back button.

Macworld | Macworld

Android devices include one, but iPhones don't need one. That's because you can simply swipe from left to right to go back in a number of apps, from Safari to Mail.

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15. Let your phone read to you.

Commander Ben | Commander Ben

Turn on Speak Selection and Speak Screen (in the Accessibility menu). Then, when there's text on-screen, just swipe down with two fingers and your phone will read it out to you.

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16. Work the Night Shift.

YouTube | iDB

If the blue-white light is hurting your eyes, enable Night Shift in the Settings menu. This turns the hue of the screen orangey-yellow, helping to reduce strain on your eyes and avoid keeping you awake at night.

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