24 Small But Clever Details In Our Favorite TV Shows That We All Definitely Missed

Diply 11 May 2018

There's always the odd time when we're kicking back and enjoying a Netflix afternoon, and we come across some incredible details that have been hidden in some of our favorite TV shows. We just never caught on to them during our first watch!

Thanks to the internet, we can share our findings with our online friends and all be shook together.

1. Captain Holt keeps a pride flag in his office on subtle display in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Reddit | Dora_De_Destroya

I'm pretty sure those folders aren't just a coincidence, and I'm here for this office organization.

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2. In A Series of Unfortunate Events, Count Olaf makes a comment about having his own show for nine years, which sounds like a dream come true. 

Reddit | TheBookReader23

This is a reference to actor Neil Patrick Harris being on How I Met Your Mother for that exact amount of time. That's — wait for it — legendary.

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3. When Family Guy gives us a glimpse at Lois' Facebook page, you can see a friend request from Meg that she has yet to accept. 

Reddit | TheVeneficus

Say it with me: "Shut up, Meg."

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4. How I never noticed this before is beyond me, but in Parks and Recreation, Ron uses a waffle iron to mold Leslie's wedding rings.

Reddit | ZSwatt

If that isn't the most appropriate thing I don't know what is.

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5. In Friends, when Ross learns that his monkey has reached sexual maturity, he, Chandler, and Joey appear to make poses that resemble the three wise monkeys. 

Reddit | Chocolate-spread

Y'know, from the maxim? See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.


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6. We all knew that Señor Chang was a horrible Spanish teacher, but I don't think any of us realized just how bad he truly was. The man had the Italian flag in his class. 

Reddit | ldsontour

We were definitely not speaking his Changuage.

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7. In the Black Mirror episode "Playtest," there's a line in the contract that Cooper signs which reads, "If you have paused to read this, you will die unless you forward it on to five people within a 28-day period."

Reddit | teachmegerman

I may or may not have forwarded this image to five people, and I advise you to do the same.

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8. In It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, in the episode "The Gang Goes to Hell," the group's room number on the cruise is 666.

Reddit | zorxoge

This should have been a good clue to warn them, but there's no way they would have caught this unless there was a picture of a beer on the door.

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9. In True Detective, Rust throws Marty at his truck, and 10 years later, he still hasn't fixed his taillight. 

Reddit | bigxmitch042

To be fair, I would have taken my sweet time getting a taillight fixed, too.

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10. Kenneth Parcell owns a Dwight Schrute bobblehead in 30 Rock, and so do I. 

Reddit | electric_bro

NBC thinks they're pretty clever throwing in references to their own shows, and you know what? They are.

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11. In The Office, for a split second, there's a sticky note that reads, "Angela, Can I have $8 petty cash to buy some more jelly beans? I’ll give you back any change. Thx, Pam."

Reddit | ThickNewspaper

In the previous episode, Dwight had picked through the jelly beans to find black ones.

Pam just wanted to replace them.

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12. In Dexter, the murderous main character has a "Killer Menu" on the side of his fridge. 

Reddit | ElMangosto

Now I want to know if it lists all of his kills or just some amazing takeout dishes that I want to get my hands on.

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13. In Season 7 of Seinfeld, you can spot pasta art behind Kramer, which is likely other sculptures he made along with Fusilli Jerry in Season 6.

Reddit | Reddit

If you're wondering why Fusilli Jerry isn't on display, I'm not sure I want to tell you what happened to it. Let's just say it sent Frank Costanza to a proctologist

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14. Jim's title when he was in the Stamford office was Assistant Regional Manager. 

Reddit | jkaeagle

Someone should have let Jim know that the words "to the" are missing on his name card.

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15. The opening logo of The Walking Dead has become more and more decayed after each season. 

Reddit | Jon_Valjon24601

The logo keeps getting grosser and Daryl keeps getting hotter. Yes, I will thirst during a show about zombies. I feel you judging me.

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16. Buster and Arthur have slippers the look like one another, and that, my pals, is Friendship Level: Master. 

Reddit | dontthrowmeinabox

Let it be known that if you and your BFF don't own clothing items with each other's faces on them, then you're doing it wrong.

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17. In the opening of Bob's Burgers, an exterminator van always shows up, and Bob's nemesis, Jimmy Pesto can actually be seen in the van's window reflection across the street.

Reddit | Blarghish

I was too busy looking to see what the name of the restaurant on the right was going to be every time.

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18. When Lucille prays to god to stop Buster from going to war in Arrested Development, the scene cuts to him sitting on a bench with the text reading "Arm off."

Reddit | Pokemon_Trainer_Joey

That is precisely what happened to Buster, which stopped him from going to war.

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19. In the Preacher episode "Finish the Song," when the angels are waiting for their ride to hell, the bus stop is the same as the pickup point Walter waits at from Breaking Bad.

ScreenCrush | ScreenCrush

I guess this location has a sketchy waiting area vibe.

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20. When Ross is saying goodbye to his monkey, Marcel, in Season 1 of Friends, he is wearing a very appropriate banana lapel pin. 

Reddit | JaggerQ

He wanted Marcel to know he really cared!

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21. In the Season 2 intro for That '70s Show, Kelso appears super nervous sitting in between Jackie and Laurie. 

Reddit | C0llaps

That might be because he was cheating on Jackie with Laurie for a long, long time.

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22. In Game of Thrones, the feather that Sansa picks up at her aunt's grave is the same one that King Robert had placed there in the very first episode.

Reddit | ThatYoungBro

I don't know if I got more shivers from this detail or from thinking about how cold it is in Winterfell.

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23. In Stranger Things, Mike is wearing a shirt that is actually from 1983, as pointed out by Redditor gaia88, who posted a photo of himself wearing the same shirt in 1983.  

Reddit | gaia88

Someone needs to reward the costume department of Stranger Things with all of the awards.

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24. Little did I know how much detail went into Friends, since it looks like Joey somehow got his hands on a beer that he and Ross had fancied when they went to London. 

Reddit | Adammorgan710

I respect Joey's commitment to a tasty beverage.

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