Chrissy Teigen Just Called Shawn Mendes Shady, And Twitter Is Living For It

Diply 15 Dec 2017

What would life be like without Chrissy Teigen's Twitter account? It would be dull, it would be miserable, and we would laugh way less.

The model recently took to Twitter in support of her hubby, John Legend, and made a reference to rising superstar vocalist Shawn Mendes. The exchange that ensued has us LOLing and going, "Oh, typical Chrissy!"

Chrissy posted that John loves being included on best-dressed lists and would be so excited to be voted one of the best-dressed male celebrities on GQ's list. 

Twitter | @chrissyteigen

She noted that John thought Shawn Mendes will win because *teenagers.*

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Hilariously enough, Shawn Mendes retweeted Chrissy's tweet, which sparked a lot of giggles from fans. 

Twitter | @ShawnMendes
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After Shawn's retweet, Chrissy tweeted this playful remark:

Twitter | @chrissyteigen

For some reason, I can't ever picture myself calling Shawn Mendes "shady AF," but if Chrissy does it, I obviously support it.

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If Shawn Mendes does get voted as GQ's best-dressed man of 2017, we can't wait for Chrissy's Twitter tirade. 

Giphy | Giphy

Isn't Shawn Mendes, like... a teenager? He should still be in the lanky, acne-filled stage. LET JOHN HAVE THIS ONE, GUYS.

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