14+ Choices That Couldn't Have Worked Out Any Better

Diply 15 Jun 2018

Every choice we make has some degree of risk attached to it. Even a sure thing, like a fresh chocolate chip cookie, could burn your mouth. Or, you could find out you used too much baking soda, or not enough flour. You never know!

But every now and then, a choice really pays off. And when it does, you have to celebrate, because who knows when it will happen again? Time for cookies!

1. If you're ever going to paint a mural inside an elementary school's janitor's closet, this is absolutely the mural you have to paint.

Reddit | pagodelucia123

The last place you'd expect to see art, and it would appropriately set your face to stunned.

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2. Also at an elementary school, but in a much more visible area, this mural uses a fire extinguisher for the firefighter's breathing apparatus.

Reddit | mojar65

And you have to love that message! Although, I'm not sure why anyone would want to put that particular fire out.

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3. I'm sure there's more than one way to make an origami swan, but making one out of hundreds of smaller origami pieces has to be the most difficult.

Reddit | Hdalby33

But oh my, did that work ever pay off. Stunning.

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4. The design on the ends of these chopsticks don't just look good — they're also functional.

Reddit | Auxiliatrixx

They're there to help you grip your food. It doesn't hurt that they make the chopsticks look nicer.

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5. Well, we all knew it was only a matter of time until restaurants started using tablets for their menus.

Reddit | dekool01

And that's only the first step. I'm sure that soon enough you'll be able to order off them as well.

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6. It's like this car was built just for that parking spot. 

Reddit | whidbeysounder

Or maybe that parking spot was built just for that car. Either way, you can't ask for a better fit.

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7. Apparently, this person made the right choice about whether to buy a microwave with an outlet on the front or not.

Reddit | twowheels

You can never have too many places to charge your devices, amirite?

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8. When you have a light switch that isn't really hooked up to anything, it's not a problem, it's an opportunity.

Reddit | canipetyourdog21

Make it your "moral support" switch, and don't ever turn that thing off.

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9. This guy clearly wore the right socks for his flight.

Reddit | Wasaabi21

Who could have predicted that his socks would match the carpet on the plane? What are the odds? If you need a good omen when you fly, that's it right there.

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10. Whoever packed this shipment wasn't just thinking about the contents being damaged — they had the fun factor in mind, too.

Reddit | spongejr12

All the newspapers stuffed in there are just the comics section. Nice touch!

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11. Another package with a fun surprise: Somebody ordered a 3D printer from the right company, because it came with an unexpected package of gummy bears.

Reddit | Combustable_Lmns

Nothing wrong with some bonus gummies, as long as they're not sugar-free.

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12. This pharmacy clearly knows its clients and wants to help them out, because it has put out a magnifying glass to help people with poor vision read small print.

Reddit | Imaintorbjorn

And you know how much small print there is in a typical pharmacy!

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13. When a bottle of drain cleaner lost its label, one ambitious employee decided to draw it on instead.

Reddit | Karbairusa

Unfortunately, I don't think a chemical like drain cleaner can be sold without the proper label, but you still have to admire the effort.

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14. This lady has it going on! Her dress matches her bag.

Reddit | malcolmhaller

I didn't even know you could get dresses with matching handbags. You sure don't see them around very often.

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15. Apparently, somebody who works for Santa Fe's environmental services department is a Lord of the Rings fan.

Reddit | nicodemusfleur

You can tell, because the recycling bins use the LotR font. And, frankly, I wish my city was this much fun.

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16. This café must have a loyal fan base, at least in the summer, because they do iced coffee right — they chill it with coffee ice cubes.

Reddit | Jeremy_78

It's about time somebody figured out a way to keep it cool without watering it down.

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