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20 Cheap Hacks For Making Your Home Look Bougie And Extra

Diply 27 Mar 2018

Living your best life is hard when you're on a dollar store budget.

And when it comes to making your house a home, there are a ton of costs associated.

But despite your financial standing (hello, student debt), those costs don't need to dictate the type of bougie life you want to lead.

There are so many amazing and cheap home hacks out there that will have your place looking chic in no time.

1. Spray paint an Vittsjo Ikea shelf gold and add marble contact paper to the shelves.

IKEA Hackers | IKEA Hackers

The effect spray paint can have on a simple $100 shelving unit is incredible. Take this look up another notch by adding classy marble adhesive.

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2. Hide wire clutter from a mounted TV with a shower curtain rod.

Fresh Crush | Fresh Crush

Don't you hate the look of tangled cords? This simple DIY uses a shower curtain rod to contain dangling wires. It could also be used with pendant lamps.

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3. Paint halfway up a wall to give the illusion of sky high ceilings.

Paper & Stitch | Paper & Stitch

Add a sense of grandeur to any room by painting halfway up a wall. It's a great way to experiment with color, while still holding on to clean, classic white.

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4. Turn a long Expedit or Kallax Ikea shelf sideways and add legs to make a midcentury console.

IKEA Hackers | IKEA Hackers

This furniture hack is one of the nicest I've seen! None of your friends will ever guess that the main shelving frame is from Ikea.

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5. Paint an Ikea Raskog bar cart for a modern pop of color.

Clarissa Lum | Clarissa Lum

This DIY takes minimal effort, but the results will have a big effect on any room. It's a great way to add interest to an otherwise plain space.

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6. Turn a cheap wood table into a DIY farmhouse table.

East Coast Creative | East Coast Creative

Reclaimed wood furniture always looks amazing, however it's also always expensive. Instead, pick up some lumber from the hardware store and turn a cheap table into a farmhouse table.

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7. Swap out the legs of your sofa or living room chairs.

The Blissful Bee | The Blissful Bee

Something as simple as adding new legs to your sofa or living room chairs can make a world of difference.

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8. Spray paint exposed sink pipes and legs.

Lovely Indeed | Lovely Indeed

Here is another perfect example of how gold spray paint can instantly make a room appear more expensive. Ugly exposed piping can be turned into a beautiful accent.

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9. DIY some copper plants stands.

Sarah Sherman Samuel | Sarah Sherman Samuel

The price of planters these days is crazy. Don't pay an arm and a leg when you can spray paint some cheap wire planters. Add rope for an even more chic and modern look.

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10. Spray paint shelf brackets gold or copper.

Design Sponge | Design Sponge

Just to be safe, you should probably stock up on cans of gold spray paint. There are so many pieces of furniture that look amazing with a little extra glimmer.

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11. Use old mason jars to make a gorgeous chandelier. 

East Coast Creative | East Coast Creative

Pottery Barn vibes on a dollar store budget. Light fixtures are costly, but this fancy chandelier will cost you less than $100. Save those jam jars and brighten up your life!

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12. Paint doors black for a surprisingly luxe look. 

MakeupByTiffanyD | MakeupByTiffanyD

Most of us wouldn't think to paint doors black, but when done right, it can add a touch of elegance to any room. It makes an otherwise plain, stock door look special.

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13. Add some leather pulls or knobs to a boring dresser.

Sugar And Cloth | Sugar And Cloth

If your dresser is lacking a little life, add some leather pulls or some fancy knobs to create interest. This plain Ikea dresser instantly looks chic.

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14. DIY an Ikea cage light into a sconce.

Nalle's House | Nalle's House

If you're a fan of the industrial look, you'll love this DIY cage light. It's literally a fraction of the cost associated with this type of style!

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15. Turn old lamp bases into candle holders.

Vintage Inspired | Vintage Inspired

Head out to your local thrift store and snatch up some intricate lamps. With a coat of paint and some twine (optional), they look like expensive candle holders.

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16. Add some glamour with a faux fur throw or pillow.

Amazon | DaDa Bedding Collection

Retailers like Amazon stock a ton of faux fur throws and pillows for super reasonable prices. A luxe accent will add a warmth and texture to a space.

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17. Colorblock floating shelves with gold paint.

A Bubbly Life | A Bubbly Life

Time to get your gold paint back out. Colorblock floating shelves, leaving the top and bottom white, for a more modern look.

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18. Spray paint a cheap trash can a different colour.

Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

Feast your eyes on the world's most glamorous garbage or storage bin. All you need is a wire dollar store trash can and some spray paint.

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19. Add embellishments to a cheap pillow.

The House That Lars Built | The House That Lars Built

An otherwise ordinary looking pillow can be spruced up with some simple embellishments. Think pompoms, tufts, or tassels. If you're not a seamstress, you can always hot glue them.

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20. Cover a coffee or side table with marble contact paper.

Poppytalk | Poppytalk

This DIY makes any basic table look 10 times more expensive. But before taking this project on, remember the adage: measure twice and cut once!

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