16 Yummy Dishes That Are Somehow Made In Skillets

Diply 17 Apr 2018

I'm sure you've been to someone's home and heard them obsess over their cast iron skillet. They'll talk about how long they've had it, how someone accidentally put it in the dishwasher once, and how they've been carefully building up seasoning. If you don't have one, they'll tell you how adaptable it is and how you truly can't do without.

Well, I've got to admit that those fawning devotees are at least a bit right, and these tasty dishes made in skillets prove their point.

1. One of the best uses for a skillet, in my view, is making one gigantic cookie.

Creme de la Crumb | Creme de la Crumb

If it's red velvet with ice cream, white chocolate chips, and delicious chocolate syrup, then you're really upping your game.

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2. I should've thought of making bread in a skillet if only for a perfectly round loaf.

Diethood | Diethood

This bread doesn't require any kneading and needs only about eight minutes for the ingredients to come together. It also has basil and olives, if I haven't already convinced you.

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3. Scones in a skillet sound like the perfect afternoon of baking.

This Lil Piglet | This Lil Piglet

Especially when you're making strawberry buttermilk scones and you get to drizzle on a glaze that has strawberry jam in it.

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4. Skillet brownies are a great way to get a quick hit of chocolate midweek.

Dessert Now Dinner Later | Dessert Now Dinner Later

And on the weekends, and so late at night that it's really early morning. I'm good with having these brownies at any time.

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5. You know that summer's getting closer when you start dreaming of cobbler.

The Novice Chef | The Novice Chef

I can't wait for some fresh berries and a streusal-like topping made with oats. Please sir, may I have some more cobbler?

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6. Bananas Foster gets a stylish flambé in the skillet.

The Kitchen Girl | The Kitchen Girl

This caramely, banana goodness is making me hungry, and I just ate like four minutes ago. But who can say no to pecans?

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7. You don't need a campfire to make s'mores. You just need a skillet.

Dessert for Two | Dessert for Two

I know you don't get that campfire smell and the combination of burning fingers and freezing toes, but you do get perfectly toasted marshmallows without leaving your home.

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8. Plum and berry upside-down cobbler is the dessert our skillets deserve.

Food to Glow | Food to Glow

One of the incredible things about this mouthwatering dessert is that you can actually make it on your grill.

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9. Skillet pizza dip is such a brilliant concept, especially with the bread around the edges.

Tablespoon | Tablespoon

That bread? It's stuffed with cheese. And that dip? It's spinach dip with extra ingredients so that it tastes like pizza. This idea? Perfection.

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10. I've seen rolls bunched together in one skillet, but one giant roll is beyond impressive.

Daring Baker Duluth | Daring Baker Duluth

Instead of slicing up one big roll into multiple rolls, you make this orange-spiced roll by wrapping strips of dough around one another in the skillet.

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11. This is a delectable treat that you can make in the kitchen, on the grill, or even over the campfire.

Taste and Tell | Taste and Tell

Can you even say no to pound cake mixed with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and Rolos?

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12. Sometimes I look at a dessert and have to just marvel for a few seconds at how stunning it is.

Erica's Sweet Tooth | Erica's Sweet Tooth

The apple rose on this brown sugar cinnamon cake is so perfectly done that it looks more like art than food.

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13. A chocolate chip cookie can never really be too big, can it?

Home. Made. Interest | Home. Made. Interest

This cookie even has peanut butter cups in a gooey layer of melted chocolate, so I'm just going to grab a fork.

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14. Gingerbread is for every single season.

Modern Honey | Modern Honey

When it comes with ice cream and caramel sauce in a giant skillet, you just say thank you and start chowing down as quickly as possible.

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15. Twists in bread never fail to satisfy me.

5 Boys Baker | 5 Boys Baker

I love this cinnamon swirl bread, and not least because those twists are hiding cinnamon and sugar swirls. It's like a giant knot of yum.

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16. Seasonal strawberries are coming, and I just want to make strawberry shortcake constantly.

Get Inspired Everyday | Get Inspired Everyday

This shortcake has a good dumping of both maple syrup and cinnamon, so you know it won't be lacking in flavor.

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