14+ Of The Most-Buzzed Fall Makeup Collections

Diply 27 Sep 2018

Ah, fall. Cooler weather, spookier decor, and...oh yeah, all of the autumn-inspired makeup collections you can get your hands on.

It seems like every brand has their own spin on a fall collection launching, from Kylie's collab with her best friend Jordyn Woods, to Colourpop's Disney-inspired collection.

Let's dive in and see what we're all going to be blowing our money on for the rest of this year, shall we?

1. Kylie Cosmetics x Jordyn Woods

Instagram | @kyliecosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is launching their first collaboration with Kylie's best friend Jordyn Woods. Full of golds, browns, and plums, the whole collection seems like it'll be perfect for fall. Kylie x Jordyn features an eyeshadow palette, three lip products, and a mini highlighter palette.

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2. Wet 'n' Wild Fantasy Makers

Instagram | @adventuresherman

Who doesn't love a Halloween collection? This year, Wet 'n' Wild went all out, creating everything from a black highlighter to a paint palette you can turn yourself green with. The best part? It's Wet 'n' Wild, which means everything is super affordable. Get weird, y'all.

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3. Dior En Diable

YouTube | Erin Nicole TV

Devilish in Dior is just what the witch doctor ordered. With an orange-toned blush, a pumpkin-approved eyeshadow palette, and a golden highlighter, you'll surely dazzle more than a few grim, grinning ghosts.

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4. Nars Fall 2018

Makeup & Beauty Blog | Makeup & Beauty Blog

Nars' Fall 2018 collection is all about the lips. With three lip palettes rolling out, the emphasis this fall is definitely going to be on a bold lip. Nars also stacked their collection with some neutral to dark eyeshadow palettes, an eye and cheek palette, and a whole ton of lip lacquers. But really, it's all about those lip palettes.

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5. Bobbi Brown Camo Luxe

Sephora Community | Sephora Community

Ummm listen, I'm not here to be ranking stuff...oh wait, except I totally am, actually. Anyway, the Bobbi Brown Camo Luxe collection wins. Look. How. Cool. It. Is. Bobbi Brown is totally on top of trends this fall, with totally unique eyeshadow singles that actually look like camouflage. What? How? No clue, but I love it.

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6. Sephora x Museum of Ice Cream

Sephora Community | Sephora Community

The release of this one puzzles me a bit, as it screams "SUMMER! SUMMER NOW!" However, Sephora's collab with the Museum of Ice cream is undeniably adorable. Sure, cute things are kinda played out, but if makeup isn't fun, then what's the point?

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7. L'Oréal x Isabel Marant

Instagram | @cherriiecherry

L'Oréal teamed up with designer Isabel Marant to launch their fall 2018 collection. The collab, of course, includes a red lip or two, but mainly keeps things simple — there are five products to choose from, with an array of shades for some, including the lipsticks!

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8. Huda Beauty Precious Stones

YouTube | Maryam Maquillage

We're all nuts for Huda Beauty, and this fall collection is no exception. The Precious Stones collection introduces four dark, rich palettes in, you guessed it, gemstone shades. Between Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz, and Ruby, there's definitely a palette for everyone.

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9. Becca Volcano Goddess

Jeans and Jems | Jeans and Jems

Also inspired by gemstones, Becca went a bit earthier with their collection — or should I say hotter? The Volcano Goddess collection includes an eyeshadow palette, three Glow Glosses, and a golden highlighter. Seriously, do not sleep on this!

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10. Urban Decay Holiday 2018

My Beauty Bunny | My Beauty Bunny

Y'all seeing a theme yet? Urban Decay's Holiday 2018 collection includes The Elements Palette, which sounds exactly like some other collections we've explored. No matter, this collection still looks cool as heck, especially because this palette has a transformer shadow to change the others. Uh, cool.

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11. Natasha Denona Safari Palette

YouTube | Jennifer Joyce Beauty

This limited edition from the ultra-luxury brand has a definite fall feel — imagine every fall color you can think of, and then stick 'em in a palette. Bam, you've got the Safari palette. Featuring 15 rich shades at $150+, this palette is an investment, so swatch carefully!

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12. Pat McGrath Mothership V: Bronze Seduction

YouTube | Tarababyz

Now, this palette looks insane. The deceivingly simple-looking colors all transform when swatched, especially the duo-chrome shades. Pat McGrath's Mothership V: Bronze Seduction looks like it's endlessly customizable and perfect for fall.

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13. Charlotte Tilbury Stars In Your Eyes Palette

Maddy Loves | Maddy Loves

Charlotte Tilbury never disappoints. The Stars in Your Eyes palette is warm-toned and encased in gold, wrapped in textured reddy-brown plastic, and basically just looks and feels luxe AF. Moving away from the more earthy colors of other brands, this palette is rich in purples and golds.

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14. Laura Mercier Holiday 2018

Really Ree | Really Ree

Hello, blues! Laura Mercier's Holiday 2018 collection again breaks out from the pack, going for cool-toned blues and warm-toned golds and purples. And for the highlight palette? Oh boy. Textured gold and rose golds are my jam. I want this one. A lot.

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15. Colourpop x Disney

Instagram | @amanduhshops

A whole new world is now open to beauty junkies who love Disney! Colourpop and Disney have teamed up to create a palette, single eyeshadows, and a lipstick collection themed after Jasmine, Snow White, Ariel, Tiana, Cinderella, and Belle.

Plus, it's super affordable — prices start at $5!

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16. Too Faced Dream Queen

YouTube | Aly Doom

Too Faced was like, "How many shades of brown and pink can we make?" And I was like "Probably a lot." And they were like, "Yeah, we're gonna stick them all in one palette." So, there's Too Faced's Dream Queen Makeup Collection for you. It's actually pretty cute. Just...there's a lot of brown and pink.

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