16 Brilliant Tattoo Additions That Changed Everything

Diply 3 Apr 2018

It's a tale as old as time — 16-year-old you thinks it would be an excellent idea to get a random butterfly tattoo done by someone who's an amateur, at best. A few years later, and all you want is for that mistake to go away.

Well, maybe it won't ever fully go away. But these people made the most of their bad ink situations by adding to them and totally embracing them!

1. Blurry Butterfly 

Instagram | @damienevilways

This butterfly was faded, blurry, and had a very limited amount of color to it. But this tattoo artist/wizard managed to clean up the lines, add some super vivid color, and even make it look three-dimensional. I'm impressed.

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2. Washed Out Pinup Girl 

Instagram | @tattoosnob

You can tell that this pinup girl tattoo was beautiful when it was originally done. But as we all know, time fades ink. This tattoo got completely freshened up, and the addition of the background scene makes it look like brand new ink altogether.

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3. Lonely Cherry Blossoms 

Instagram | @juliaseizure

There was nothing especially wrong with this cherry blossom branch tattoo before. But the addition of the stunning hummingbird, along with the added watercolor effects made this tattoo into a work of art. I want this framed for my wall!

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4. Very, Very Sad Pikachu 

The Meta Picture | The Meta Picture

This is quite possibly one of the most clever and effective tattoo reworkings I have ever seen. I mean, who even thinks of this?! This tattoo addition is the definition of making the most out of a bad situation.

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5. Loopy Droopy Heart

Instagram | @emilymclaughlin86

Before, this squiggly heart looked random and not special. But the addition of the roses made it striking and unique. This tattoo artist managed to tie in the stems with the existing heart so well.

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6. Plain Ol' Strawberry 

Instagram | @rubyocity

Sure, this strawberry was cute and all before. But it was kind of blurry, faded, and not very unique. Add in some leaves, strawberry plant flowers, and vines, and voilà!

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7. Bland Hamsa

Instagram | @sheisthebee

Hamsas are traditionally very detailed and ornate. This "before" was definitely not doing it any justice. The addition of some bright blue ink and more details totally transformed this tattoo.

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8. Totally Faded Sugar Skull Woman 

Instagram | @willscustomstattoo

You don't need me to tell you that the "after" is on the left. I'm honestly having a hard time believing that these are the same tattoos.

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9. Amateur's Special 

Instagram | @joelricetattoo

I can only imagine how disappointed she was when she saw her "before" ink. Thankfully, she found a tattoo artist who expertly transformed this tattoo into a whole new woman.

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10. Faded Flag 

Instagram | @onceinabluemoontattoo

This American flag ink was looking super washed out and faded. Some new shading and the addition of the dog tags transformed this tat into a patriotic dream.

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11. Dull Butterfly 

Instagram | @hazzytattoo

This butterfly was looking pretty worn out. I mean, just look at the inconsistent shading. But some fresh new color ink and the addition of the flowers gave this tattoo new life.

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12. Barely There Lizard 

Instagram | @shanesudduth

This lizard looked like it had seen a few decades. Some new colors, new detailing, and new outlines turned this ink from barely there to definitely there.

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13. Tired-Looking Rose

Instagram | @eric76art

This "before" rose was so incredibly sad. But a talented tattoo artist decided to rework it with some vivid new colors, defined lines, and leafy green additions.

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14. Incognito Petit Prince 

Instagram | @local.crew.tattoo

This Petit Prince tattoo was so blurry, it resembled nothing of the children's novel. But some shading, color, and the tiny stars and planets made this ink Petit Prince-worthy.

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15. Unhappy Flower 

Instagram | @beckz_m

This flower was kind of sad-looking. The stem just ended so abruptly. Well, as any good tattoo artist knows, an intricate, colorful mandala changes everything!

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16. The Unrecognizable Lady 

Instagram | @megevans_tattoo

This one might just take the cake. This woman was so faded, you could hardly see her facial features. New detailing and some bold color turned her into a straight-up beauty.

Have you ever gotten a tattoo and regretted it? COMMENT and tell us about it!

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