Sometimes, super smart designs make me so happy, I almost start to tear up. 

To be fair, I cry about literally everything, so it doesn't take a lot to get me going, but clever inventions are still something special. 

Like, how can you not get even a little emotional about an empanada that doesn't make you guess what kind of meat is inside?


Raise your hand if you also get enraged when you're expecting chicken and then you bite into some beef. I'm sorry that I'm a complicated person, okay?!

Reddit |  perukid796

Also, what I wouldn't give for this shopping cart with GPS to save me from getting lost in the aisles of Walmart!

There have been times that I have been tempted to scale the shelves just to see where the heck I am in the store.

How old is too old to run up to an employee crying because I'm lost? 30 is too old? Got it.

Reddit |  517634

Check out the video below for some more beyond brilliant designs, and just try not to say, "How were none of these things a thing until now?!"

How shook do these incredible inventions have you?

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