15 Brilliant DIYs You're Going To Want To Start Right Now

Diply 12 Jun 2018

As much as I love my job at Diply, I spend most days dreaming of actually doing the DIYs I'm writing about when I get home. I sit at my desk and itch to get home to try something new.

It's especially difficult when you come across DIYs that you want to drop everything to do, like so many of the rad DIYs on this list.

1. Recycle your favorite magazines by Modge Podging them to a pair of blank sneakers.

Laurice Women's Fashion Tops | Laurice Women's Fashion Tops

This is definitely a project I tried in my teens. Honestly, it's something I'd probably give another go now, too. So fun and unique!

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2. Use clay to create some gold nesting bowls.

Decor Hint | Decor Hint

I love playing around with clay to make stuff for my home, and these gold nesting bowls are beautiful! Karen from Decor Hint really knows how to turn nothing into something pretty!

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3. Create a yarn tassel wall hanging.

Homey Oh My | Homey Oh My

You can do so much more with yarn than just knitting or crochet! Amy from Homey Oh My shares this easy wall hanging you can try out!

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4. Or try your hand at a tassel-embellished basket.

HonestlyWTF | HonestlyWTF

Erica at HonestlyWTF used tassels to give a plain basket a unique look by adding tassels to it! I can definitely get behind this one.

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5. Create a pom-pom cactus that you can't kill!

Pinch Me Beautiful | Pinch Me Beautiful

Cacti are a lot easier to kill than you might think! So maybe try Bec's pom-pom cactus version from her site Pinch Me Beautiful!

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6. Build a plywood mirror that also has shelves.

The Merry Thought | The Merry Thought

In terms of home decor, "it has storage" is basically the equivalent to fashion's "it has pockets!" Both are an added bonus that is stylish and practical. Thanks to Caitlin at The Merry Thought for this project!

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7. Love the pegboard trend, but don't want to commit to a whole wall?

Jennifer Maker | Jennifer Maker

Why not try this framed organizer from Jennifer at Jennifer Maker? I love that you still get the same organization, just on a smaller scale.

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8. Add some beads to a hanging light to really make it unique.

Nalles House | Nalles House

I love that Nalle took an already funky light fixture and really made it her own using wooden beads. This is definitely something I want to try!

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9. Can you believe that this pineapple light is made out of yellow spoons?!

Wonderful DIY | Wonderful DIY

This would make such a fun addition to your desk! I'm thinking maybe I need to make one for my desk right now.

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10. Have a couple of hand-me-down towels you want to add a little something to?

Decor | Decor

Karen over at Decor Hint had the fantastic idea of adding pom-poms to the ends of her towels!

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11. Create a fox scarf for a friend!

Pretty Prudent | Pretty Prudent

This little fox scarf is absolutely adorable, and actually pretty easy to make! I know, because I followed the tutorial from Colleen over at Pretty Prudent and my project was a success!

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12. Wine deserves a special spot in the home, but obviously on a budget!

Adventures In Creating | Adventures In Creating

So Rachelle from Adventures In Creating got creative and used PVC pipe to make the wine rack of her dreams. I love this!

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13. Marble contact paper can turn pretty much anything into something stunning!

Mein Feenstaub | Mein Feenstaub

Lisa from Mein Feenstaub upcycled a couple of tin cans by adding marble contact paper to them. Isn't it a total transformation?

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14. I would love to put these string lights in my home or backyard!

Fall For DIY | Fall For DIY

This would be beautiful for an outdoor wedding, or for on your patio! Such a fun and pretty idea from Fransesca at Fall For DIY!

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15. Create a beaded curtain for your entryway.

Design Love Fest | Design Love Fest

Bri at Design Love Fest got really creative with this hanging bead curtain. This one takes me way back to my childhood!

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Aren't these DIY projects just so amazing?!

Giphy | Giphy

We'd love it if you would COMMENT to let us know which one is your favorite! Also, don't forget to SHARE with all of your crafty friends!

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