13+ Brilliant DIYs To Recycle The Junk In Your House

Diply 6 Jul 2018

Who else has a ton of random stuff all over their house that they've been meaning to upcycle? I hate throwing out anything that can be turned into something amazing!

You'd be surprised at what the people of the Internet are creating with the junk from their houses. Seriously, it blows my mind what people are doing! Here are some of my favorites from around the web.

1. Have a bunch of glass wine bottles left over from your last fancy party?

HomeTalk | Carisa Engels

You can turn those babies into super cute hummingbird feeders for the outside of your house! You'll have lots of little friends come by thanks to Carisa.

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2. I don't have many CDs on hand anymore, but if you do, this project could be for you!

HomeTalk | Rachel

It's hard to believe this entire unicorn bust is covered in broken bits of CDs. What a cool way to recycle them, from Rachel over at HomeTalk.

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3. I've seen this DIY in action, and I'm really surprised I haven't given it a try by now!

As For Me And My Homestead | As For Me And My Homestead

Remember those shrinky dinks you used to make as a kid? Well, they're actually super easy to make at home with plastic containers. Give it a try thanks to instructions from As For Me And My Homestead.

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4. You can totally turn those plastic produce bags into something reusable.

The Vintage Home Sewist | The Vintage Home Sewist

Thanks to The Vintage Home Sewist, we can now feel less guilty about buying our oranges in bags. Why? Because we can make them reusable!

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5. It's really cool that you can turn plastic bags into yarn (it's called 'plarn') to make all sorts of cool projects.

Instructables | jessyratfink

It's a great way to keep that plastic out of landfills. I love what Jessy shared on Instructables.

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6. Does anyone else feel guilty about the number of chip bags currently in their garbage?

Craft Ideas | Craft Ideas

You can turn those bags into a super cute reusable tote that's perfect for going to the store to buy more chips. Thanks to Craft Ideas for sharing.

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7. Toilet paper rolls are super handy for a variety of things around the home.

The Seaman Mom | The Seaman Mom

And I am super impressed with the idea of turning them into small gift boxes! How cute did these ones from The Seaman Mom turn out?

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8. Got a bunch of broken crayons that the kids (or you) refuse to play with anymore?

Rozie Cheeks | Rozie Cheeks

Well, with a bit of coconut oil and some essential oils, those crayons can be the perfect new shade for your lips. Thanks to Rozie Cheeks for sharing.

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9. Old comfy sweaters that are out of style or too small don't have to get thrown out or given to charity.

Feathering My Nest | Feathering My Nest

You can actually use them and turn them into adorable gloves! You can donate those instead or give them as gifts. Feathering My Nest nailed this!

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10. Similar to the chip bags, the waste from candy bars can get kind of crazy.

Doodle Craft Blog | Doodle Craft Blog

So why not turn them into something that is actually useful like these hair bows by Doodle Craft Blog?

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11. Old sweaters aren't the only clothing in your closet that you can definitely upcycle.

Mommypotamus | Mommypotamus

You can turn old t-shirts into reusable tote bags or purses. These would be perfect for the beach! Thanks to Mommypotamus for the idea.

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12. Got a bunch of soda cans sitting in your recycling bin?

Hometalk | Kim

You can turn those useful cans into adorable garden markers super quick! Kim shared this great idea over on HomeTalk.

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13. If you've got some old baskets you don't fully love kicking around the house, add some paint to them!

DIY Candy | DIY Candy

DIY Candy shows us how they took some plain baskets and gave them a boho-inspired makeover.

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14. Does your pupper love new toys as much as mine does?

Pillar Box Blue | Pillar Box Blue

Those things can get pricey if you're buying them all the time. Why not use some denim to create your own like the team at Pillar Box Blue did?

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15. We all have them: cookie sheets that have seen better days.

Hometalk | Sadie Seasongoods

Instead of throwing those babies out, you can give them new life with a coat of paint!

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A little bit of paint and some colorful paper go a long way turning a cookie sheet into a fun memo board.

Hometalk | Sadie Seasongoods

Sadie of Seasongoods is creative genius, that's for sure!

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16. I have a ton of furniture that has been passed along to me that has definitely seen better days.

Hometalk | Lindsay Eidahl

But with a little TLC, it can totally be upgraded to something useful!

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Don't you love this bar cart that Lindsay made from that old dresser?!

Hometalk | Lindsay Eidahl

There is definitely space to fit everything you need and then some. This would look fabulous in any home, so I'll take one for mine!

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17. I was given a bunch of ugly lamps when my grandmother moved out of her old home. 

The Shabby Creek Cottage | The Shabby Creek Cottage

I upcycled one of them and kept it as a lamp, but now I'm thinking I could have gotten more creative with it!

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Like the team at The Shabby Creek Cottage did when they turned an old lamp into a table!

The Shabby Creek Cottage | The Shabby Creek Cottage

It looks amazing as one solid color, and actually super modern! It's a great balance of shabby-chic and modern design.

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18. Speaking of cans, what about those tin cans you've got?

Momtastic | Momtastic

You can turn them into a colorful bird feeder that all the neighborhood birds are going to love. Thanks for the pop of color, Momtastic.

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19. Copper pots definitely have the potential to be totally stunning.

HomeTalk | The Boondocks Blog - Mary

With a little bit of lemon and salt (and some creative ideation), Mary from The Boondocks Blog turned her pots into sweet outdoor planters.

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20. These little pies look good enough to eat.

Adventure In A Box | Adventure In A Box

Adventure In A Box had the genius idea of using bottle caps as pie crusts and creating these miniature pies with their kids. How cool are they?!

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21. Soda bottles definitely have many uses, but I hadn't thought of using them as planters.

HomeTalk | Magdalena

This project is simple, but the results are gorgeous! Thanks, Magdalena, for sharing this over on HomeTalk.

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