15 People Who Decided To Screw The Rules

Diply 17 Apr 2018

Every now and then, you have to play a little fast and loose with the rules. Unless you're these people, who view rules more like suggestions — the kind that are to be brazenly ignored. This group of mad lads and lowkey anarchists know how to fight against the system their way.

1. Something tells me they weren't planning on anyone having a Blade DVD readily available.

Reddit | Doxurt

It might be a precaution in case any vampires or vampire-related paraphernalia are inside that box. Is that crazy? Maybe, but I wouldn't want to take the risk.

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2. He plays a space western smuggler (and more recently, a spy), so it's no surprise that Nathan Fillion is prone to railing against the establishment.

Imgur | schattenwesen

Props to him for being able to break both of the rules stated on the sign!

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3. I finally see where J. Jonah Jameson gets his beef with Spider-Man from. He's a menace!

Reddit | the_alpha_idiot

I bet whoever took this picture would get good money for it! It's not every day you get a chance to take a picture this up close.

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4. Who knew there were so many famous Bills? In fact, I bet you could fill this entire board with Bills if you wanted.

Reddit | Reddit

There's Bill Nighy, Billy Idol, Bill Gates, Bill Hader, Bill Watterson, Bill Burr...I can go on, really!

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5. That stance is so spot-on, it's almost as if that seagull was a model that they used for the sign.

Reddit | argmannen

Must be because he's the only seagull that actually shows up.

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6. This has about the same effectiveness as putting a sign that says "do not touch" next to a big red button.

Reddit | Xrmbxyz

Was there literally nothing else they could have put on this sign instead?

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7. When your math prof says you can't bring a calculator into your test, so you bring an abacus instead.

Reddit | nofluxaregiven

That is the smug look of someone who has successfully played the system.

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8. To enforce the rules, you sometimes have to break them first.

Reddit | Lwielgos

Technically, there's already a blanket over the piano so now the rule's been broken twice. Where does it end?!

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9. I've always wondered why exams include an empty page that tells you not to write on it. It's prime doodling real estate!

Reddit | howtochoose

Here's hoping that their moment of deviance didn't cost them marks.

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10. There must have been a catastrophic accident the last time someone used one hand, which means this photo was taken right before something horrible happened.

Reddit | That-Computer-Guy

How do we know that hand is still attached to the person it belonged to?!

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11. Orville Redenbacher is probably spinning in his popcorn-filled grave right now.

Reddit | UndeadCaesar

Fun sort-of fact: if you look at your reflection in the microwave door and say his name three times, you won't get any leftover kernels.

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12. I don't know if this guy realized the poster was referring to the title of the movie and not its own structural integrity.

Reddit | Romulus3799

The best part is his facial expression of "I should have expected this."

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13. This guy might be taking physics, but he has the makings of a great lawyer. Clearly, he's no College Drop Out.

Twitter | @esaueracker

What's the mathematical equation for finding a loophole in a vacuum?

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14. I know I applauded Nathan Fillion earlier for his two-for-one stunt, but this guy takes the cake.

Reddit | Oosterhaar

Well, maybe not the cake per se, but he definitely takes the burger, drink, phone, cigarette, and wine.

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15. If she really wants to commit to the rule, she could move the kitchen to a different part of the house.

Twitter | @4Ever_Waiting

Spending thousands of dollars to get a leg up on your kid might be excessive, though.

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Just remember: when it feels like The Man is getting you down with rules, ask yourself: "what would Ron Swanson do?"


Usually, the answer is eating a large amount of meat and/or breakfast food.

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