16 Boyfriends Who Need To Learn To Take Makeup More Seriously

Diply 15 May 2018

When it comes to makeup and beauty routines, most girls take it all very seriously. After all, those products are expensive, and you don't want to waste them or be mocked after dumping your life savings into them, right?

It seems that some boyfriends just didn't get the memo.

1. This boyfriend needs to get his act together.

Twitter | @daniellemusengo

He drank the makeup remover? It's not like it comes in a cup or a glass!

And that stuff isn't cheap. I sure hope that Thomas learned his lesson and thinks before he drinks next time.

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2. Some boyfriends can get pretty careless when it comes to makeup.

Twitter | @dante_lioncourt

Note: Never, ever, under any circumstances, throw your girlfriend's makeup bag. You're just asking for trouble.

It's basically like breaking a mirror, but instead of seven years bad luck, it's nine.

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3. See? Another beautiful palette destroyed yet again. Maybe some guys just don't understand how fragile this stuff really is.

Twitter | @MeganD_B

Another potential option is to start blaming the makeup companies who shouldn't assume all of us have a gentle touch?

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4. Ah, the classic Sephora bench.

Twitter | @Advil

Sephora is already so chaotic, some girls don't want to have to keep track of their boyfriend while they already have so much going on.

Other times, the boyfriends just refuse to set foot in the store out of fear of sacrificing their wrist for swatches.

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5. Shopping with the bf can be a little frustrating if they don't have any patience.

Twitter | @LindseyInnes

Do they not understand that they really are NOT all the same?

You have to find the perfect product that fits your skin type, has the right ingredients, does what you actually want it to do...it's not easy for us!

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6. I'm sorry, but unless you want your girlfriend to walk around looking like she dipped her face in a bag of Doritos, give her time!

Twitter | @LindseyInnes

There are a lot of shades, you guys.

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7. Some boys might try to stop their girlfriend from makeup shopping.

Twitter | @CalderonMizma

But in the end, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. You're only going to slow us down, not stop us completely.

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8. Some guys just don't seem to understand the bizarre names that are given to makeup shades.

Twitter | @OhHeyAry

Okay, to be totally and completely honest, I don't understand it either.

There, I said it.

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9. I'm not completely made of stone, so this is pretty funny.

Me.me | Me.me

But man, how did she not wake up while he was pulling her lashes off? That's some next level REM sleep if I've ever seen it.

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10. This is kind of sweet. 

Twitter | @NATEGAWD

I would have loved to see him actually put these bad boys on.

Then again, lashes aren't always cheap, and we need to be able to reuse them whenever possible. Let's hope he kept these safe.

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11. Some guys just have alllllll the jokes, don't they?

Instagram | @yvonmenon

To be fair, I'd still be happy with this. Who doesn't love some colorful highlighters, even if it's not the makeup kind?

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12. This girl was trying to send a not-so-subtle hint to her boyfriend before Valentine's Day.

Movie Scout | Movie Scout

Turns out, this guy has jokes too, but maybe he's onto something.

Get your boyfriend this as a gift, then conveniently borrow it all. I like it.

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13. Sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures, and using your phone camera to do your makeup is the only option.

Twitter | @taco__tiffany

Boyfriends thinking it's the perfect selfie opportunity isn't exactly ideal.

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14. It looks like some husbands can be easily confused.

Twitter | @Parkerlawyer

But come on, these two things are in completely different aisles. It can't be that hard to mix them up, right?

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15. A word of advice to all you ladies out there.

Twitter | @ggabimariee

If a boy ever suggests for you to do his makeup, be instantly suspicious. They're more often than not up to something, just like this sneaky bf.

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16. And some of them are adorably clueless.

Twitter | @jessycaaa97

And that's why we like to keep them around.

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