29 People Who Are Bored Out of Their Minds

Diply 3 Jul 2018

As crazy as life can be, it can also be boring AF. And when we find ourselves in those moments, going completely out of our mind, we often realize we're doing ridiculous things. And honestly? We don't even care. Nobody should have to be bored, but it happens. Here are some hilariously bored people who desperately need a pick-me-up.

1. The person who made their own little pal.

Twitter | @notthatSamDavis

You know the age old saying: "When you're bored at work, anthropomorphize an object!" Oh, you've never heard of it? Weird, maybe it's just me...

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2. This coworker is living my dream.

Reddit | thefilletshow

And the best part is that the boss just didn't care at all. Because it's literally the perfect thing to do when you're bored at work.

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3. This person clearly loves their job.

Reddit | hippo00100

When you're given the task of changing the sign and you're like, "WAIT A MINUTE. THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY AND I AM TAKING IT!"

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4. You know, when you've got to try out all the hashtags.

Instagram | @atty_k

Ever been so bored that you decide to write an assortment of hashtags on the chalkboard like it's some kind of basket of breakfast scones?!

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5. This will be fun for one person.

Imgur | noah12345678987654321

Sure, it's not great being on the receiving end of this, but it's genius and I can't help but LOL. They have a clear shot at their coworker.

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Reddit | robbielolo

LOOK AT HIM WORK! I can't help the caps-lock — LOOK AT THIS MAN! He should be on the next season of America's Next Top Model, right?!

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7. When meetings need to be spiced up.

Reddit | nectarprotector

Who says meetings have to be boring? Go over expense reports dressed like the dang Power Rangers and you will truly be living!

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8. Yes, this was necessary.

Imgur | Imgur

Sometimes the only thing that can entertain you is plucking every single seed out of a strawberry and then observing your hard work. With a camera.

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9. Employee of the month right here.

Giant Gag | Giant Gag

If I worked at a store that sold phones, this is 100% what I would do. After all, look at that selfie. This person knows they're straight fire.

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10. When you don't have internet at work but you still have Paint...

Reddit | Paddy151

And all of your artistic creativity comes pouring out of you. I mean, really. this should be in a museum, right?

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11. This is so wrong but I love it.

Reddit | Jabroni12

Oh, you know, when you're so out of your mind bored that you literally white-out a banana and a pencil and it looks really freaking cool?

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12. When you're seeing an iconic statue but can't deal.

Instagram | @dean_mic

Who cares that you're THAT CLOSE to the Statue of Liberty. Bored is bored, baby, and you're going to faceswap with history!

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13. When even a roller coaster doesn't entertain you.

Instagram | @emilydakin

Everyone on this ride is having fun except for the couple that is clearly over it. If a roller coaster can't have you smiling, nothing can.

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14. Snack goals.

Imgur | Darth8

Sometimes your boredom can actually make your snacks 100x cooler. I would much rather eat these Pringles than just getting them straight out of the can! You can't tell me this isn't the coolest Pringle photoshoot you've seen.

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15. AHHH!! Kill it! Kill it!

Reddit | [deleted]

You know, sometimes you create literal Transformers from office supplies because your boredom has reached truly indescribable levels. Imagine walking into your coworker's cubicle and seeing this.

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16. We all know working in fast food is a tough job...

Copypast | Copypast

But we also know not every hour is rush hour — hence the fantastic cup-bridge pictured here and built in complete boredom.

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17. The absolute best way you can spend your time.

Reddit | K0schei

When you work those late shifts and everyone is sleeping and you create something truly spectacular. I'm so here for this.

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18. When you need to make yourself laugh.

Instagram | @pocketpuggles

Hey, their boss didn't specify WHAT to put on the sign, just that they needed to change it. I won't hold it against them.

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19. When you're so bored you dream up clones.

Reddit | nickervision

Is this an episode of Orphan Black or is someone so out of their mind with boredom that they actually made this? Can't take it.

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20. Love this twist on the classic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.

Reddit | TIDDERloves

I have read this over and over and it never gets old. This person has a true talent!

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21. Honestly, this may have been born out of boredom, but the height and structure of this pencil tower is impressive AF.

Funnyand | Funnyand

The face of the kid sitting to the right of this masterpiece being constructed says it all.

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22. Imagine going out one night, and just thinking, "screw it, imma dig up these plants and pop 'em on these cars."

Acid Cow | Acid Cow

I don't even know how I'd react to this.

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23. It seems like this person was probably bored at a function, and in order to pretend to look busy on their phone, they constructed a work of art.

Hongkiat | Hongkiat

Under appreciated, as art always is.

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24. When you're artistically overqualified to work in a grocery store, but you are who you are.

Weburbanist | Weburbanist

Hopefully Easter Islanders would be proud of this tuna and beans reimagination of their amazing statues.

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25. All around me are familiar faces...

Pleated Jeans | Pleated Jeans

I'm sure when her family gets home they won't notice for a while... And then all at once they'll realize they're just pawns living in Matt Damon's world.

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26. When you miss someone and you're bored AF.

Pleated Jeans | Pleated Jeans

They turned what came for their father... into their father — at least they're original? You've always gotta give points for originality.

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He's doing a great job, and it looks like he's really kept in shape. Maybe he... boxes? You know, with gloves? In a ring?

Pleated Jeans | Pleated Jeans

HA... Oh man. Alright, I'm done.

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27. When you have NO time for museums.

Instagram | @will_ent

Museums can be culturally rich places that educate you, or they can provide endless opportunities to goof off and faceswap with iconic historical figures! YAY!

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28. "29,249 smiles is what it takes to drain a standard ballpoint pen."

Reddit | GuacamoleFanatic

I don't know if it's embarrassing or impressive that this person had the time to use a pen from start to finish. Or the fact that they counted every single smiley face.

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29. Damn, kids these days really are bored with the classics.

Imgur | Linkalope

So bored they had to change up the ol' chaos in the ball pit to a satisfying organization project...

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