12 Knockoffs That Are So Ridiculous You Just Might Want Them

Diply 29 Dec 2017

Bootlegged items are a strange beast. On one hand, you can sometimes get a really good product at a fraction of the brand-name price. On the other hand, there are designers who put their time and energy into creating the original and deserve to be compensated for their work.

Whether or not you agree with the act of bootlegging products, I think we can all agree that for these examples, you better believe that you're going to get what you paid for.

1. Robert Cop! The Furniture of Law Enforcement!

Reddit | Gewwi

You know, I think I'd buy this just for the packaging. Every word is gold, ending with the perfect punchline of just "TOY" as the final selling feature.

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2. Shrek and his friends are far more terrifying than I remember...

Reddit | SeriousSamStone

Apparently, these figures live in a knockoff theme park called "The Den and The Glen", which features plenty of ways to scar your child for life.

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3. These knockoff board games have delightfully obvious names.

Reddit | tropicalunicorn

While "The Sea Battle" may be my favorite title, first prize goes to "Who Is It?" for the description, "ask questions and identify who!"

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4. Well, isn't it?

Reddit | img_of_a_hero

Question: if 58% of the container is "vegetable oil spread," what's the other 42%? I'm not sure the answer is worth saving 30 calories per serving, compared to butter.

And butter most certainly tastes better.

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5. A Slinky by any other name...

Reddit | Yavanne07

Props for the retro packaging, but "Stair Walker Spring Toy" gets the prize for most descriptive name ever, while simultaneously making the product sound super boring.

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6. Fish and chicken, you say?

Reddit | HatlessSpy

How many herbs and spices do you use for those, Sardar?

You know, he would have almost gotten away with it if it weren't for the addition of the mascot logo.

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7. "The King of the Magic Rings" seems to have some confusion over his identity.

Facebook | ROBERTCOP

Well, the Jedi robes could fit in Middle Earth, I guess, but where did the Stormtrooper helmet come from?! Also, he appears to have a red lightsaber crammed in behind the random sword prop.

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8. Do you love eliminate candy? I Love Eliminate Candy!

Reddit | cwells98

Knockoff smartphone games are a joy to look up in the App Store, but this takes the cake for the best title.

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It also gets bonus points for having the greatest app description ever.

Imgur | theChristianWells

"More to the back of the more fun, do not stop oh!" It's the random comma that makes me love this sentence with all of my being.

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9. I think the thing that really gets me about this is the fact that they didn't take the easy way out and call it McHot Dogs or something...no they went for Hot Dognalds. 

Reddit | Alli1DEagle

Not gonna lie, I would probably try one.

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10. If anyone ever said to me, "Yo, lets go eat some Toast'em Pop-Ups," I would promptly ask them to leave my life and never return. 

Reddit | NonprofessionalLawn

Did they really think that they could get away with this?

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11. The Rolex is tapped onto the front of the watch...the front.

Reddit | matskutti

I am not even convinced that this is a real Mickey. He would never stand for this. Or those tacky diamonds.

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12. This one just hurts my heart. 

Reddit | CherokeePurple

Child Potter? Teacher Wizard? First off, he was the headmaster, okay? Secondly, he has a name and it's Dumbledore. Honestly, costume manufacturers. I am so upset.

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