Book Spine Poetry Is The Inspiration We Didn't Know We Needed

Diply 15 Dec 2017

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely places. Some creative souls around the world are creating beautiful and inspiring poetry using just the spines of the books on their shelves or in their libraries.

Book spine poetry is a beautiful way to share stories, inspiration, and motivation — while putting your creativity to the test.

1. In case you needed a little reminder today, personality cannot be photoshopped. 

Tumblr | Life Of A Book Worm

This one makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, but it's also a great reminder that you're going to accomplish some amazing things today.

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2. "Lucky in love; now and forever, when a night divided like magic. Your voice is all I hear, until we meet again."

Instagram | @gulbransenbooks

This is about as beautiful of a love story I could ever write.

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3. "Here I am: the red-haired woman, half wild, waiting for the Monsieur Bellivier, the perfect stranger."

Instagram | @Katereynard3906

Another beautiful love story if you need a little love in your heart today.

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4. "If I stay, meet me in Paris by the light of the moon."

Instagram | @laureltandoori

Isn't this the story everyone wants when they visit Paris? Let this inspire your next romantic vacation.

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