16 Blasts From The Past That Made Us Do A Double-Take

Diply 20 Apr 2018

They were the best of times, they were the worst of times.

We sported mullets and awkward wardrobes, everything from leg warmers to tacky, tight shorts. We geeked out over video games with stickmen graphics, typed on computers as big and bulky as pianos...

And we actually left and responded to phone messages. From a land-line. Maybe even with a rotary dial.

1. Keanu and Chris' Excellent Adventure

Reddit | unknown_human

Just how laid back and cool is Keanu Reeves? When fans trespassed on his property back in the '90s, he had a beer with them and wrote them an epic note instead of calling the police.

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2. Have you ever been this excited about anything in your life?

Reddit | Mikhal-Oglu

This is a picture of sheer, exuberant joy. Everything about this snap screams the '80s, from the hair to the glasses to the gun used to blast fuzzy fowl in the epic game Duck Hunt.

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3. "I've got a bit of a glow on, so I think I'll call a cab"

Reddit | krabstarr

The movie E.T. came out in the early '80s, about the same time as the launch of the "friends don't let friends drive drunk" campaign.

If your bartender ever looks like this, you might want to give up drinking.

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4. The power of computers once housed in massive warehouses now fits comfortably in the palm of your hand

Reddit | Adr_H132

These pictures were taken 58 years apart. Just imagine where computing will be a decade from now, let alone another 58 years.

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5. The Good Son: Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin in 1993

Reddit | HeisenbergthaGod

The Hollywood hotshots starred in a psychological thriller described by famed movie critic Roger Ebert as a "creepy, unpleasant experience" not suitable for kids. Looks like they at least had fun on the set.

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6. You don't need video games to have fun when you have pop cases for armour and cardboard tubes from wrapping paper

Reddit | Playtonic1

Light sabre battles with wrapping paper inserts were a staple of my childhood. These kids are having a blast.

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7. "Three days of peace and music" led to 49 years of marriage

Reddit | Gar1986

It's probably the most iconic photo taken at the Woodstock Music Festival and it seems only fitting this couple's love has stood the test of time.

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8. "Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel"

Reddit | shaftpolls

This player from the 1980s looks like he's executing big-ticket stock market trades like Gordon Gekko from Wall Street. Seems to be squeezing in some work between jogs or games of squash.

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9. The cast of The Sandlot reunited for a 25th anniversary pic

Reddit | Metalsnowta

The 1993 coming-of-age baseball flick also starred adult actors Dennis Leary and James Earl Jones, but this pic is just of the kids who played ball and eventually tamed a backyard dog they referred to as "The Beast."

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10. Not every E.T. game was buried in a desert in New Mexico

Reddit | BoKnows105

At least one cartridge remained above ground and stacked with more popular games like Asteroids and Combat, which was essentially Pong with tanks. The Atari 2600 was a legend in its time.

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11. The good old days when speed traps were more like speed suggestions

Reddit | Mackteague

It actually seems very civilized to let drivers govern themselves. It frees up police resources to focus on other, more serious infractions. Who cares if motorists speed, so long as they don't hit anything?

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12. People must have had bad backs and tired legs in the '90s

Reddit | Reddit

Just check out how many different items they needed to duplicate the functionality of a smartphone. What's missing are a whack of cassettes to mimic the amount of downloaded music and podcasts we now enjoy.

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13. Amazon wasn't always a multi-billion-dollar global juggernaut targeted in tweets by U.S. presidents

Reddit | gorillaz0e

Back in the '90s, it was just founder Jeff Bezos dreaming of a more connected and profitable future in a humdrum office that looks like it's located in a strip mall.

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14. It's true, people used to dress like this back in the 1970s

Reddit | ThickBeardSanchez

These colorful outfits were made by a loving grandmother for her daughter and granddaughters way back in 1972. The crazy thing is they wouldn't stand out in these outfits — they'd fit in!

It was a strange time.

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15. The Starship: A rock 'n' roll airplane replete with a fireplace, a full bedroom, a 30-foot couch, a bar and electric organ

Reddit | AnoutspokenSymphony

Led Zeppelin toured with this converted Boeing 720 passenger jet in the '70s. It was later used by Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers Band, Alice Cooper and Peter Frampton.

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16. You needed 15 floppy disks to install Windows 95

Reddit | haarithio

You also needed time, patience, and the sheer will and determination to see that numbing project through to completion. It would be hard to believe if there wasn't photographic proof.

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