13+ People Who Have Squad Goals Down To An Art

Diply 29 Jun 2018

We've all got that special group of friends — whether online or in real-life — who we consider our core group.

It goes by many names: the lads, the girls, and the crew, but the most common name is "the squad." When it comes to people you can depend on, they're at the top of your list.

And don't worry if you haven't found them yet — it's just a matter of time. In the meantime, here are a spicy collection of squads whose bonds are stronger than steel.

1. When you and your friends coordinate your seats in class so you can be there for each other in a pinch. That includes when you plan out your in-class naps.

Reddit | gracefuego

The real trick here is sending your test answers to your friend via contact-telepathy.

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2. Some friends will always be there for you, even when their idea of helping isn't as effective as they think.

Reddit | XxEndlessDoomxX

If anything, it was nice of them to turn themselves in so their buddy doesn't have to spend a night in the drunk tank alone.

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3. Who said your best friend has to be human? Dogs are called man's best friend for a reason.

Reddit | Gallowboob

It's one thing to dress up your pet in dumb costumes, but you have my respect if you accessorize along with them.

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4. Some friends are people that you will literally trust with your life, like this handyman here.

Reddit | tbarbrook

He'd better hope he doesn't owe his friends anything, because depending on how good of friends they are, he might end up doing so.

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5. I never had a friend I could coordinate a witty yearbook prank with, and it will be one of my lifetime regrets (of many).

Twitter | @YoungMAMusic

Also, who do I need to pay off to get a last name like McClean?

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6. Even when you're not officially part of the squad, being charismatic enough to work your way in is an art in of itself.

Reddit | baj_ana

That old lady has lived enough life for the lot of us.

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7. Again, who said your best friend has to be human? If anything, you can always depend on a dog to have your back.

Twitter | @_christianH44

And all they ask for in return is head pats and hot meals.

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8. This is the mythical squad-bow, which only happens once every hundred years. 

Reddit | rollupdatrollup

If two people make a wish on it at the same time, they'll become friends (or soulmates) instantly.

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9. You think you and your friends are cool? Are you "made a portrait of Neil Degrasse Tyson out of Rubik's Cubes" cool? I didn't think so.

Reddit | Reddit

And yes, I do believe they're single and ready to mingle.

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10. When you and the squad have an excess amount of free time and money, things like this happen.

Reddit | SixCatsInAnAlley

That said, throwing turtle shells and banana peels at each other might earn you a few weird looks.

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11. Get you a friend who supports you the way this guy supports Ben.

Reddit | Nin10dork99

Everyone needs to have a cheerleader now and then, even when you're not doing anything particularly impressive.

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12. Now this is friendship: bringing your best boy to the game when he isn't able to make it.

Reddit | Guy_Fawkes89

Plus, you'll save yourself from having to buy a seat, and only buy half the amount of food and drinks!

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13. When other people say that you and the squad are too extra, show them that they haven't even seen the start of it.

me.me | me.me

The friends that show off together...stick together.

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14. It's equally important to have friends who are willing to call you out when you're on your crap again.


Let the best bromance in White House show you what we mean.

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15. True bro love is helping your friend re-enact his favorite scene from Titanic.

Reddit | Holofan4life

Hopefully, this doesn't end as tragically as that story did. There was room on the door for both of you, Rose!

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16. Friends who'll go to jail with you just so you don't feel singled out are ones to keep. Provided you have the same sentence length, anyway.

Reddit | TravesTouchdown

It also helps if you're neighbors, so the anklets don't go off.

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