20 Beauty Hacks That Actually Work For Busy Moms

Diply 31 Jul 2017

Being a mom means you're going to be giving up a lot of your once-free time to take care of your child(ren). And as a result, your beauty routine might take a back seat, but it doesn't have to!

It's okay to go makeup-free, but if that lifestyle isn't one you're ready to commit to, we have a ton of quick tricks for all those busy mamas out there.

1. Dry shampoo is going to be your best friend.

Instagram | @kiliankimberly

You're not always going to have time to shower, but that doesn't mean you don't deserve to walk around with semi-acceptable hair. Invest in a decent brand, and you'll never look back.

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2. In a pinch, some baby powder will do the trick just fine.

Instagram | @carinasworld

The key to this is to apply small amounts first until you no longer feel like a dirt ball.

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3. Hats are another quick way to cover up an oily head of hair.

Instagram | @23southboutique

This only works if you're a hat person, though. Some people (like myself) look like potatoes when we wear hats, and I don't recommend it if you are also one of these people.

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4. Keep a small pack of oil blotters in your bag. They're so inexpensive and so handy.

Instagram | @kdh_creative

When you're on the go, it's a good way to touch up your skin without having to redo your whole face.

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5. When you do have time to apply some makeup, make sure you use a good setting spray to keep everything in place.

Instagram | @shabby_chick21

The last thing you want is to find your makeup melting off in the middle of the day. You need it to last.

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6. Try using a tinted moisturizer. 

Instagram | @adinaseptembriejoi

It adds an effortless glow to your face without doing any extra work. It makes you wonder why people bother with foundations and highlighters at all.

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7. Get yourself some waterproof mascara ASAP.

Instagram | @anishabibah

There are very few mothers out there who haven't run into a bathroom for a quick cry because their child is acting like the spawn of Satan.

We can't help with the child part, but we can tell you that waterproof is the way to go.

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8. If you don't even have time for a coat of mascara each day, consider looking into eyelash extensions instead.

Instagram | @emilysarahmakeup

They're not for everyone, and it costs a bit more, but all the time you'll save is totally worth it.

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9. If you only have time to apply one bit of makeup in the morning, go for the eyebrows.

Instagram | @lily_rose_makeup

Even if the rest of your face is bare, completed eyebrows really make a statement.

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10. Some companies sell lipsticks that also act as a blush.


Fun fact: even if your lipstick isn't advertised as a 2-in-1, you can still dab some onto your cheeks for color.

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11. Take advantage of multi-tasking whenever you can.

Instagram | @thatdogsmom

While you have your children brush their teeth in the morning, use that time to teach them independence and get yourself ready. Baby carriers are also a lifesaver for keeping an eye on those children who don't have teeth or fine motor skills yet.

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12. Patterned clothes are brilliant at hiding stains and spills.

Instagram | @caraemilyhickey

Trust me, once you've discovered mysterious food spots on your white blouse, plaid and floral designs are going to be your BFFs.

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13. Keep makeup in your purse to apply in the car or in your work bathroom.

Instagram | @mimi_und_mini

This should go without saying, but do not apply your makeup while driving. That's what parking lots are for, obviously.

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14. If you love the style, go get yourself a choppy haircut with lots of layers.

Instagram | @thehairstandard

Suddenly your "messy mom hair" becomes a cute "beachy wave" look. Who really has time for sleek bobs these days, anyway?

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15. You're probably already doing this, but keep hair elastics on you or in your purse at ALL times.

Instagram | @fililogia

For some reason, babies and children are obsessed with grabbing hair, and it always hurts. Pulling it back when things get crazy is such a blessing.

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16. Become a master of the sock bun.

Instagram | @nawall.mustafa

It's the quickest way to get your hair looking a step up from a ponytail and have you appearing put together, even if you're falling apart internally.

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17. Keep a bottle of scented hand sanitizer on your key chain or in your bag.

Instagram | @bathandbodyworksloveaffair

It's going to help rid you of those nasty kid germs we don't want and help you smell better, all at the same time.

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18. Use makeup wipes to remove your makeup at the end of the day.


I switched to these from a facial cleanser years ago and haven't looked back. They save so much time. It's unreal.

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19. Get comfortable not wearing any makeup at all.

Instagram | @ramyatirumalai

I know it sounds weird when you're reading about beauty hacks, but you'll feel a lot more at ease if you're not worrying about trying to get that coat of eyeliner on.

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20. On that note, while you're embracing the bare face, embrace the mess, too. 

Instagram | @pomheart

If you're a greaseball today, just own it, you awesome mom, you.

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