People Are Furious At A Beauty Brand CEO Who Went On A 'Sexist' Instagram Rant

Diply 19 Mar 2018

Earlier this week, YouTuber and beauty guru Manny MUA released a review of eyelash extensions from Lashify.

The video was titled, "TRYING ON THE WORLDS MOST EXPENSIVE LASHES! $125?! WTF," and needless to say, Manny's review was anything but glowing.

But unlike most beauty brands, who either ignore a bad review or attempt to appease the influencer in some way, Lashify decided to go on a full-out social media war with Manny.

The company began by calling out Manny's review on Instagram.

Twitter | @MannyMua733

"In all seriousness, we love his personality — he's hilarious! It's true he didn't read the directions, held the wand upside down, didn't fuse.... and missed out on what makes Lashify so awesome!" wrote the company in a caption for the now-deleted photo below.

The company posted the quote, which read, "Not everyone wants to look like a drag queen," as a response to Manny's claim that $125 lashes should be dramatic, not natural-looking like Lashify's.

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"I don’t think the brand liked today's video.... ??," wrote Manny on Twitter.

Twitter | @MannyMua733

The company, headed by founder Sahara Lotti (below), followed up their Instagram post with another call-out. This time, it was an Insta story insisting Manny review their product again but follow the instructions this time.

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Then, Sahara decided to film a live Instagram tutorial on how the lashes are supposed to be applied.

Twitter | @mkcourdmua

During the tutorial, Sahara called out Manny, saying, "I have to remember at the end of the day, he can have all the makeup he wants, but he's still a dude."

"Manny, you're still a dude, bro," added Sahara.

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Following the tutorial, Lashify posted another Instagram story. 

Twitter | @RainParrie

But this time, they apologized for the company's earlier post about not everyone wanting to be a drag queen.

While they acknowledged that some people may have been offended by the quote, they also insisted that humor and self-expression were important factors in their brand's MO.

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Unsurprisingly, Twitter absolutely BLEW UP over the ongoing drama.

Twitter | @MannyMua733

In response to Sahara's live Instagram tutorial, Manny called her "sexist" and said the brand was "officially cancelled."

The sentiment was echoed by several of Manny's fans, including fellow beauty blogger Patrick Starrr, who also identifies as a man but does makeup tutorials as well.

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And while others may have accepted Lashify's apology at the time, that likely changed after a DM surfaced between Lashify and one of Manny's supporters. 

Twitter | @Dionna_Justine

Despite having apologized for offending the drag queen community, the official Lashify account insisted that men don't wear lash extensions — they wear strip lashes.

The account also claimed that if Manny were a woman, he would have appreciated their product.

"Wow I had no idea there were gender specific guidelines in makeup, how interesting ? I can't even right now this company is a JOKE," later wrote the person who had DM'd Lashify.

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Needless to say, this has been one MESSY social media battle.

Tube Filter | Tube Filter

Between YouTube sensation Manny MUA and a young business like Lashify, it's Manny who's going to come out on top.

Not only did Lashify offend several people (including industry leaders), but they handled a negative review in a manner that was anything but professional.

Next time, let's try to play nice, people!

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