25 Basic Hair Tricks Every Grown Woman Should Know

Diply 23 May 2018

Some mornings I wake up and fully understand why 2007 Britney decided to shave her head.

Like WTF is my hair doing and can I have a refund? Sometimes when you'r trying to be a grown ass woman, the struggle is REAL.

While I don't expect my locks to be perfect every day, sometimes I think they could definitely use a little finessing.

I'm sure you can relate, so here are some basic hair tricks, every girl should know...

1. Give your bangs more curves than Nicki Minaj's behind with this easy round brush technique.

Camille Styles | Camille Styles

It's all about using the brush to curl your bangs down towards your face, then switching to blowing them up and away. Spritz the underside of your bangs with hairspray to lock in the volume.

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2. This at-home blowout will make you feel bougie AF!

Everything Pretty | Everything Pretty

What's key here is to do your bangs first and then blow dry the rest of your hair until it's damp. Now go in with the big guns: take a large round brush and dry the rest of your tresses in sections.

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3. This quick trick is a life-saver for those mornings when you've lost track of how many times you hit the snooze button.

Pinterest | BLINK

Actually, though! It only takes minutes. First, start by backcombing the crown of your head. Add dry shampoo, and then flip your head over to finish off with some hairspray.

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Thank goodness for dry shampoo! #AmIRite? 

Giphy | Giphy

Showering is overrated (and it's better to wash your hair less frequently anyway), so don't be afraid to go to town on the dry shampoo. Does anyone remember what life was like before it? Because I don't.

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4. You'd think that every one knows how to use a bobby pin correctly, but we've been doing it wrong...

Makeup.com | Makeup.com

Flip the bobby pin over so the wavy side is down — mind blown! Another protip is to spritz the bobby pin with hairspray to help it hold better.

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5. Who else finds that the struggle is real when you're trying to start a French braid?

YouTube | beautydept

Problem solved! Gather the hair on the top of your head into this adorbs little pony, and then braid as you normally would, using the pony as the middle piece of the braid when you start.

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6. Washing your hair should be a breeze, but there's actually a right and wrong way to condition your hair.

YouTube | Vy Qwaint

After you've thoroughly rinsed all the shampoo out, only condition the bottom half of your locks, focusing lots of attention on the bottom to prevent those pesky split ends.

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7. Summer and humidity, or what I like to call, "frizz season," seems like a battle you can't win, but you can.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily | Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

Tame every tiny little frizzy by spraying some hairspray on a spoolie, which you can run over the ends of your hair, flyaways, and baby hairs.

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8. Believe it or not, a fish tail braid is actually not nearly as hard as it looks!

Love This Pic | Love This Pic

It's deceiving AF, but a fishtail braid is actually only two sections of hair (even though it looks like several hundred). Divide your hair into two even sections, and then alternate crossing over thin sections.

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HYFR! You literally just graduated from braid novice to expert in a matter of five minutes.

Giphy | Giphy

You may as well start calling yourself the Picasso of braids, because your hair is #100.

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9. Need an updo that won't slip at the gym? Give this one a go! 

Inspirational Trends | Inspirational Trends

Make a regular ponytail, twirling hair around it to cover the elastic. Then, twist hair in two different directions, and section off with two or three clear elastics.

Super cute and functional. Plus, it totally distracts from this being the third day you haven't washed your hair, so...

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10. If you weren't blessed with natural curls and have to work to create them, don't worry — there are lots of easy ways to do just that.

Pinterest | Jelena Hrvacanin

No-heat curls are one option, and they're usually great for doing overnight and waking up with the locks you want.

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11. Create a fuller ponytail in, like, a minute and a half.

Artzy Creations | Artzy Creations

Not even exaggerating, from start to finish, this bumped-up updo takes less time than ordering a latte. Use a small clip on the bottom of your pony to give it more volume and life, without actually doing anything.

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12. Fight frizz by drying your hair with a t-shirt. 

Instagram | @hairbysquare

Drying your hair with a t-shirt is a great way to reduce frizz. Regular towels can cause a lot of friction that disrupts your hair's cuticle and causes frizz.

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13. Try a quick three-minute braided hair headband

Fab Art DIY | Fab Art DIY

Take your bangs and braid them, then tuck the braid behind your ear and secure with bobby pins for a braided headband!

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14. There are a few different ways you can wrap your hair around the wand.

The Beauty Snoop | The Beauty Snoop

Each technique will leave you with a different looking curl that's either relaxed, tightly wound, or somewhere in between!

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15. Opt for sugar over salt for fuss-free, beachy waves.

In Sonnets Kitchen | In Sonnets Kitchen

Wait, but won't sugar spray attract bugs or something? That's what I thought but turns out that isn't the case. Plus, the sugar won't leave hair tacky or stiff, making for the perfect straight-from-the-beach (even if you're actually coming straight from bed) waves.

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16. Does anyone still use curling irons? I sure don't! They do say that once you go "straightener," you can't go back.

Beauty Haircut | Beauty Haircut

I personally find using a straightener to curl my hair way easier! Simply clasp your hair, twist it around the iron, and the pull it all the way down. Release, and watch those curls bounce.

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17. Now it's time to shut up, and let your face do the talking. A lot of us ignore the shape of our face, but it helps determine which part looks best.

Beautylish | Beautylish

Heart, circle, and square-shaped faces look best with the parts indicated below, while oval can wear any — lucky!

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18. Much to my disbelief, those seemingly effortless messy buns can sometimes take forever. This one actually doesn't!

The 11 Best | The 11 Best

Pop your hair in a pony and pull half of it into a bun. Next, take the remaining hair and twist it around, pinning it at the end. Gently pull apart, for that perfectly imperfect look.

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19. This beach wave technique will make you look like you have your life together, even if you're a total mess.

YouTube | KiKi Pepper

Divide your hair into two even sections, then braid them. After that, press and hold the straightener down on each section until you reach the bottom. At least now you're a hot mess!

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20. Fake an extra long pony with this trick, for when you're feeling a little extra.

Makeup.com | Makeup.com

Don't deal with extensions if you don't have to (who's got time for that?). Make your pony extra long by dividing it into two sections and creating a second hidden pony closer to the nape of your neck.

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21. This lazy updo is perfect for those times you need to look polished but are, well, lazy...

LoveThisPic | LoveThisPic

Tie your hair, twist it, and pin, and you're good to go!

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22. Put two or three velcro rollers at the crown of your head for extra volume. 

Instagram | @creativelayershair

For more volume, add heat to the rollers by blow drying with warm air and let them cool before taking them out.

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23. This hair tuck trick doesn't take long and it's totally gorgeous!

Missy Sue | Missy Sue

The best headband to use for this hairdo is a soft fabric one with a no-slip grip.

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24. It doesn't get any easier than this simple twisty bun.

A Little Slice Of | A Little Slice Of

This style definitely takes less that one-minute to do, so it's perfect for those rushed mornings!

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25. This hair curling hack is the best way to curl your hair fast!

Floridian Social | Floridian Social

Getting cute curls doesn't have to be painstaking! Just grab a hair elastic and some hairspray!

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Now all you have to do is perfect your hair flip. 

Giphy | Giphy

I start to shudder when I imagine a world without dry shampoo and hair elastics. Who else is wondering how they ever lived without these basic hair tricks? #BlessedLife

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