Weddings. From the venue to the flowers to the food, every detail of that special day is meticulously planned out months (and sometimes years!) in advance. Every bride wants to look amazing, and she wants her bridesmaids to look the same.

Or do they? Something tells me that the brides on this list may have had an issue or two with their bridesmaids. The proof? It's in the absolutely gorgeous dresses they chose for them.


1. This must have been an absolutely stunning winter wedding. 

Between the turtleneck satin dresses lined with fuzz, the hats, and the matching muffs, it's obvious that these bridesmaids weren't cold! 

2. These bridesmaid dresses are giving off total high school prom meets the sports field vibes.

The leg slits, side cutouts, and plunging necklines are perfect for a super conservative wedding. 


3. I almost didn't see the bride amid this array of pastel beauties. 

Why settle for one pastel gown with poofy shoulders when each bridesmaid can have a different color? Love the matching hats and bouquets.

4. Neon and crinoline are always a showstopping combination. 

There may have been some hope for these dresses until the hairpieces, shoulder decorations, matching bouquets, and jewelry was added. How do you even find flowers that neon?!