14+ 'Avengers: Infinity War' Screengrabs That Blew Our Effing Minds

Diply 29 Aug 2018

Alright, Marvel fans, we're here for one reason and one reason only: to appreciate the three-hour superhero-crammed emotional horror show that is Avengers: Infinity War.

The following screengrabs are moments that blew my mind, so I don't want to read any comments saying, oh, "How are these mind-blowing?" Excuse me, did you write this article? No, so sit down.

...and enjoy! ?

1. Let's begin at the end, with the heart-breaking parallels following the Battle of New York in The Avengers and the Battle of Wakanda in Infinity War.

Reddit | Ford117

The key difference here (besides that the team won in The Avengers and lost in Infinity War), is that Iron Man is about to crack a joke, while Vision is just really, really dead.

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2. This moment on Titan, when Doctor Strange pulls the Time Stone out of a freakin' star in space (let the theories begin!) before handing it over to Thanos.

Reddit | davidmanwel

Thank god for the pause button, because my measly human eyes didn't even come close to catching this the first time around.

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3. This moment during the Battle of Wakanda when Thanos activates all six Infinity Stones, and it becomes absolutely certain that the universe (half of it, anyway) is done for.

Reddit | UltraDangerLord

We're all just living in a post-Thanos snap world now.

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4. How about when Iron Man gets within an inch of chopping off Thanos' left hand, but hits the Gauntlet instead, causing sparks to fly?

Reddit | IamBlade

Add this to the list of soul-crushing "They Almost Beat Thanos" moments in Infinity War.

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5. You know what's frightening? The pure rage on Thanos' face after getting crushed by a building on Titan.

Reddit | comrade_batman

Um, Avengers? Guardians? Doctor Strange? You guys really pissed him off now.

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6. The super weird fact that Tony Stark's cell phone (the one that Steve Rogers gave him in Captain America: Civil War) had both a message and download icon on it. 

Reddit | Beef_Cooked

This outdated hunk of junk wasn't to be used for anything but to call Steve, so what's the deal?

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7. Equally weird is how similar Tony Stark's vision of his dead teammates in The Avengers looks to the battle ground at Titan.

Reddit | ChrisLuigiTails

Please, please, please let this not be an example of foreshadowing!

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8. How painfully close Spider-Man was to removing Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet before Star-Lord effed it all up.

Reddit | sufyaan05

I didn't realize how close they got before seeing this image, and now I want to crawl into a hole.

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9. Speaking of pain, there's this screengrab of Thor as he explains to the Guardians that he literally has nothing left to lose.

Reddit | OfficialBaconGamer

At this point, he's lost his father (Odin), his weapon (Mjolnir), his hair (thanks, Stan Lee), his home (Asgard), his brother (Loki), his sister (Hela), his friend (Heimdall), and his right bloody eye!

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10. Equally parentless and emotionally scarred is Star-Lord, who's pictured here discovering that the love of his life, Gamora, is dead.

Reddit | aguilar_s24

Infinity War gave us some top-level acting (especially for a superhero franchise), and here's the proof.

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11. Now, if you really want to ruin your weekend, allow your eyes to rest on these screenshots of Bucky getting dusted.

Reddit | oprelemons

A little fact about me: My favorite MCU character is Bucky, so this is my worst nightmare come to life.

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12. The only thing worse is the look on Captain America's face after he realizes that his best friend is gone. Emotionally speaking, I'm a puddle right now.

Reddit | oprelemons

Kneeling down to touch Bucky's dusted remains? Really, Russo Brothers?! I'm already liquefied!

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13. If I was a puddle of emotions after Bucky's death, then these screengrabs of Spider-Man have caused me to evaporate into some kind of inconsolable vapor. 

Reddit | oprelemons

Let's move on before I start crying at work. HR says I should try to keep the emotional breakdowns to a bi-weekly basis, at most, and I'm already over my quota.

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14. Moving forward, here's something a lot less sad and a lot more awesome: Stormbreaker's blue flames!

Reddit | O5CR

Sure, Thor had a special connection to Mjolnir, but guys, Stormbreaker has blue flames!

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15. And what about this scene, when we got to see Thanos activate the Soul and Power Stones to break free of Doctor Strange's Crimson Bands of Cyttorak spell?

Reddit | e-rage

You just can't appreciate these things without a proper screengrab.

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16. It was also nice to see Scarlet Witch actually exert some strength against Corvus Glaive. Like, come on, girl, we know you're one of the most powerful Avengers, so let's see more of that in action, OK?

Reddit | ironmanjakarta
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17. To be fair, we did see more of that strength during the Battle of Wakanda, when Scarlet Witch proved that she was powerful enough to push Thanos back a few feet.

Reddit | vineezus

Too bad she's dead now!

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18. Anyway, that was a long enough detour from sadness, wouldn't you say? Alright, back to sad stuff. For example, this screengrab of Gamora dying alone.

Reddit | PauloHR

What more do you want me to say? She had a ton of friends and then she died alone. They don't call 'em the Ruthless Brothers for nothing. I mean, they don't call them that at all. But I am...calling them...that.

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19. OK fine, I'll show you something funnier. Jeeze, you sound like you work for HR. Ahem, this screengrab perfectly sums up the relationship between Doctor Strange and Tony Stark.

Reddit | mkrsoft

What do you get when you put two snarky, egotistical superheros in the same movie? Pure entertainment.

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20. Tony Stark and Star-Lord didn't mesh too well, either. Stark's facial expression says, "The universe is at stake and I'm surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy." 

Reddit | Jung_Wheats
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21. I had to include the scene where Tony Stark cracks a joke about to Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation, particularly because I think Stark's going to use it in Avengers 4.

Reddit | Tcsornormalbtech

If you watch Doctor Strange die, you'll notice that the cloak doesn't exactly disintegrate with him.

*Raises both palms* I'm just sayin'.

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22. Oh yeah, what about the fact that Black Widow tried to taser a giant alien wielding five of the six Infinity Stones? That's pretty effing mind-blowing. 

Reddit | Batmansucks_31

You're not in Moscow fighting Russian terrorists anymore, Natalia. *Sigh* I suppose I can't blame her.

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23. And finally, this screengrab of Ned spoiling the entire movie at, like, minute 22.

Reddit | MKimmmayyy

Well, almost spoiling it, anyway. Not everyone died, just half of everyone. Thanos is a big fan of balance and all that.

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So, there you have it: a bunch of screengrabs from Avengers: Infinity War that blew my mind. Hopefully, at least one of them impressed you, as well. If not, that's fine. I don't care.

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