Autocorrect Is Acting Dirty When People Say 'Sit On,' And We Can't Handle It

Diply 30 Jul 2018

I don't know about y'all, but it took me a long time to get good at texting. Frankly, I'm not even sure if I still am, but at least it doesn't look so much like a gorilla trying to learn sign language when I do it now.

But, like a lot of people, I rely pretty heavily on autocorrect. Most people don't like being boring and predictable, but if it means that I only have to write a grand total of 10 words per text and it fills in the rest, I'm OK with it.

So naturally, I got a little concerned when I heard about the embarrassing things it does when we talk about sitting.

For as long as we've had it, autocorrect has been giving us problems.

Reddit | cooltonsnook

Not that I don't appreciate how it's helped us ensure every text doesn't take an eternity, like in the Nokia days, but it loves messing around with what we're trying to say.

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Usually, autocorrect is just a lovable, bumbling scamp that doesn't get us in too much trouble. |

And besides, how do we know that our doggos aren't God boys as well as good boys? We don't know what's in their hearts besides love for us.

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But when users start talking about anything they enjoy sitting on? That's when things start getting awkward.

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If there's anything I know about parenting, it's that it's hard enough getting a babysitter even when your phone's misunderstanding of the way the "hu-mons" talk doesn't skeeve them out.

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But don't start sweating bullets and triple-checking every text you send from the furniture store.


Why? Well, Google told BuzzFeed News that they're already working on a fix to ensure autocorrect stops suggesting this.But how did it happen in the first place?

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They obviously didn't program that in, but the more that machines learn, the more they start trying to be down with the kids.

Twitter | @scixpmas

In this case, though, it just worked about as well as when grandma tries to call things "lit." I guess that's also why it keeps saying "ducking."

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But no matter how much embarrassing stuff it can do, I still wouldn't wanna get rid of autocorrect. |

After all, the alternative is actually going back and fixing my spelling when I type a monstrosity like this, and I'm way too lazy for that mess.

No, thanks.

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Let's be thankful that somebody's gonna take care of this because switching phones every time I say something embarrassing was already getting expensive.

Reddit | austronomer99

I definitely wouldn't look forward to destroying the evidence like this person if the unthinkable happened and I texted that to my mom or something.

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Still, I hope this doesn't mean the days of autocorrect changing things to "ducking" are numbered, as well. |

Sure, it's weird, and it's not a word any of us would have any reason to say, but we need more ducks in our lives.

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