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16 Atrocious Pics That Make Me Want To Run Far, Far Away

Diply 15 May 2018

Dude, what is wrong with the world? Just when I think I've seen it all, the internet always proves me wrong.

I really need to learn to stop looking at this stuff before bed, too. It gives me really (really, really, really) weird dreams.

1. This is a joke, right?

Reddit | 4chanAD

Otherwise, I have more questions: Why is it brown? Why is it way thicker than any toilet paper has the right to be? And why does it look like it was ravaged by a pack of feral cats?

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2. I wouldn't pay $10 for a whole bag of baby carrots, let alone a single one that looks like a boot.

Imgur | Imgur

I mean, it's cute. If I found this in my bag of reasonably-priced baby carrots, I'd totally think "Hey cool, it looks like a boot," before I ate it.

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3. "My friend's apartment has a purge button." —AberrantConductor

Reddit | AberrantConductor

Is it wrong that I kind of really want to press it just to see what happens? Or maybe this friend is secretly in charge of greenlighting the next sequel to The Purge.

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4. This tree has seen some horrifying things. 

Reddit | kazenoko1

It looks just like Edvard Munch's "The Scream." It only needs hands up on either side of its face to complete the illusion.

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5. Is this obviously terrifying at first glance? No.

Reddit | mark_s

But if you ever enter a space where the structural supports are clearly missing so many of the required bolts, then you should...bolt. (Sorry, not sorry.)

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6. This isn't something you want to find on a bus stop bench.

Reddit | charliebrown75

Is it wrong that my first question is, "How can someone possibly lose such an important item that can cost thousands of dollars to replace?"

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7. No one should have this phone case. Not even a dentist.

Reddit | the_hiddennn

Though, at least with a dentist it would be funny in addition to being gross. But the dentist's case had better have whiter teeth than these.

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8. 30-year-old cereal may be stretching the definition of "non-perishable." 

Reddit | Jooseee

Can we talk about the fact that they had a contest to win a real phone booth? Because that is both bogus and excellent.

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9. This hotel has a really messed up elevator.

Reddit | Batman120902

So, I think what happened here was that they needed to add braille for accessibility, but didn't want to bother actually changing out the buttons.

And then a third of the braille stickers fell off.

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10. I think this would get them pulled over.

Reddit | swear_words_and_smut

There's no way this is safe or secure. I hope they're taking all of that stuff to the junk yard. The car probably belongs there too, by the looks of it.

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11. Points for creativity. 

Reddit | Mainmeowmix

I know that I've never looked at a spare zipper and fake money and thought "What if I made my head look like a wallet?" Clearly, I just wasn't thinking outside of the Monopoly board.

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12. I've got nothing.

Reddit | milixo

When you find a picture of a half-naked doll in pearls with a taxidermied rabbit for a head, you need to just let it speak for itself.

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13. Not the ceiling! That's just not right, man.

Reddit | 888andtheHeartbreaks

PSA: Mushrooms should not be growing out of your ceiling. If they are, then I'm sorry, because that mushroom is a sign of much, MUCH worse things hiding under that sheetrock.

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14. Please don't plate crab like this.

Reddit | kzzei

I don't need to imagine a giant centipede with snappy crab claws for legs when I'm sitting down to enjoy a nice meal, please and thanks.

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15. Whoever did this is a terrible person.

Reddit | MC_Labs15

Mr. Conductor would not approve of this, either. Why can't the cute talking trains just be trains on the inside? No guts allowed!

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16. I really hope no one was wearing these when they caught on fire, because...ouch.

Reddit | Reddit

Still, I'd love to know the story behind them. I guess they could be from a welding accident, what with all those sparks flying around, but that's far less interesting.

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