When Arts And Crafts Meet Nerdery, Things Can Go Wonderfully Right

Diply 2 Oct 2018

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a crafty guy. I am less likely to make anything from paper, glass, ceramics, beads, or even wood than just about anybody I know. But I do admire the people who have enough patience and creativity to make things, and make them well.

And I definitely admire the folks who make things that celebrate all the loves in their lives. Fandom gets too much attention for toxicity these days and not enough credit for the creativity it inspires. These creators channeled their love into their crafts, and they made some things that you really have to step back and admire.

1. It's hard to imagine ever seeing a better Charizard made entirely from Post-it notes. 

Reddit | Oratia623

I can't even fathom the time and patience putting this together must have required. For those interested, it's a technique called Golden Venture Folding.

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2. Strategically cutting and folding paper can make some incredible things, like this sweet, Halloween-ready jack-o'-lantern.

Reddit | stealagoose

Apparently it only took "15 hours of folding, swearing, and sticky fingers" to make this "low poly jack-o'-lantern."

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3. Want a special wedding bouquet that will last forever? How about making one out of comic books?

Reddit | DudeFoods

Have to think this was for a themed wedding, and the theme was super cool.

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4. This artwork of Serenity from Firefly mounted on a wall was done with beads.

Reddit | beadspriter

It's about four feet tall and ten feet wide, contains more than 226,000 Perler beads, and as you can imagine, it took weeks to finish.

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5. It absolutely blows my mind that people can make honest-to-goodness art on an Etch A Sketch.

Reddit | pecotaa

And yes, Bart preparing to jump Springfield Gorge on his skateboard counts as art.

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6. For a wicked blast from the past, this guy made himself the map from The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past out of nine layers of wood.

Reddit | Davvyk

That's nine hours of laser etching, never mind the time it took to glue it all together.

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7. The ultimate paper craft, this ring-wraith from Lord of the Rings was created from a single piece of paper.

Reddit | JonSnuu69

This level of craftsmanship has to be pushing origami art in general into strange and wonderful new territory.

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8. This cosmically creative artwork is not a painting — it's done with crayons!

Reddit | kerryebert

The artist took the paper off the crayons by soaking them in hot water, placed the crayon she wanted on the canvas, then took a blow dryer to it.

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9. Who wouldn't love to have this Rick and Morty painting that glows in the dark on their wall?

Reddit | SkrinT4

You don't even have to be a fan of the show to love this artwork.

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10. The nana who crocheted this amazing Harry Potter blanket must be up for grandmother of the year.

Reddit | nater513

Except that she made it for herself! Which is somehow even better.

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11. Speaking of blankets I'd love to have in my home, here's this "stained glass-esque" Legend of Zelda quilt. 

Reddit | CandySnow

This looks like more than four weeks of work, which tells you something about the skill that went into it!

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12. And then there's the ultimate Star Wars bedspread, lovingly hand-stitched by a grandmother as a birthday present.

Reddit | ThatWhiteCanadian

And probably Christmas present, too. You know how that goes. Totally worth it, though.

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13. Among the things I never thought I'd see: this crocheted Predator costume.

Facebook | Crochetverse

When you think about it, it's perfect for a chilly Halloween, and it will definitely get people talking.

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14. On the other hand, this crocheted Batman costume for a grown man kind of makes you wonder if crochet has gone too far.

Reddit | JoeinJapan

My goodness that must be one sweaty outfit.

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15. However, the undisputed ultimate crochet power in the universe has to belong to this Infinity Gauntlet.

Reddit | SoufSideHair

You can't tell me you wouldn't wear this around the house, snapping your fingers just to see what might happen.

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16. Remember doing those paper cutting crafts in grade school? Apparently, this is what can happen if you don't stop.

Reddit | and_peggy1776

Honestly, the attention to detail paid to Hocus Pocus's Sanderson sisters is spooky good.

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17. "My wife locked herself in our craft room for several hours a day for a couple months and then yesterday, showed me what she made for me!" wrote Reddit user TheBlitzAce.

Reddit | TheBlitzAce

If cross-stitching a GameBoy Pokémon cover isn't love, I don't know what is.

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18. Another place we never expected to see cross-stitching go: Azeroth.

Reddit | kreedz94

Seriously, how do you even make a World of Warcraft orc in cross-stitch? Are there actually patterns for these things?

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19. It's hard to believe, but this South Park stained glass project isn't even finished after 100 hours of work.

Reddit | Cellocalypsedown

The artist said they were only halfway done all the soldering and detailing, and it already looks sweet.

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20. Okay, so as much as I love the South Park piece, I think the stained glass of Bunsen and Beaker from The Muppets wins.

Imgur | deedubfry

Just check out the detailing along the edges. Fantastic work.

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21. I love the creativity that went into this Pennywise wreath.

Reddit | BusterTeg

Because A) why should wreaths just be for Christmas? And B) it's just a great use of deco mesh, with some terrific embroidery work on the face.

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22. If I had known people could embroider things like Calvin and Hobbes panels, I would have paid more attention in home ec classes.

Reddit | 8bitOrca

Made by Reddit user lhartrich, this took over a year to make for her son's birthday. Yeah, planning more than one birthday ahead!

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23. Personally, I was sold on this Lord of the Rings sweater featuring the gates to the mines of Moria even before seeing how the reflective thread lights up.

Reddit | Anumets

It's positively magical!

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24. I don't know which would be more trying to make from Perler beads, that 226,000 bead Serenity art, or this Wonder Woman armor.

Reddit | cosplamy

I mean, it can't be easy to make Perler bead art that you can wear, right?

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