Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Hinted At Their Engagement Online, And We Didn't Even Notice

Diply 12 Jun 2018

After just a few weeks of dating, word broke that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were reportedly engaged. To say that fans were shook is an understatement. Nobody saw it coming, but maybe we should have!

Certain FBI-level fans realized that the couple could have been hinting at their engagement days before news broke, and it went over all of our heads.

Before news of Ariana and Pete's engagement broke, fans were already discussing how fast their relationship was moving after just a few weeks of seeing each other.

Twitter | @PopCrave

Pete got not one, but two tattoos related to Ariana. The first was Ariana's "Dangerous Woman" bunny ears, and the second was her initials.

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But hey, it's Hollywood. 

Instagram | @petedavidson

Things move at the speed of light in the entertainment industry, and even though this relationship was fast-paced, fans were still totally here for it.

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That doesn't mean they weren't completely shook when news broke that the pair were engaged. 

Twitter | Twitter

Although neither of them have officially confirmed it, Ariana did "like" several tweets about the engagement, which is basically confirmation in our books.

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Here's the thing, though. Apparently, Pete and Ariana had dropped hints that they were engaged long before news broke, and it went over all of our heads.

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So, first of all, Ariana shared this adorbz picture of her and Pete two days ago.

Instagram | @arianagrande

Cute, right?

And Pete commented on the picture, saying, "Thanks for making this idiot from staten island the happiest boy on earth."

It could have been an innocent comment OR it could have been about their engagement!

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Not to mention, Ariana's brother shared a picture on his Instagram, just a day ago.

Instagram | @frankiejgrande

It was from his mother's birthday party, and we can see Ariana wearing a pretty large ring on her left hand.

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Fans are also questioning a recent interview that Ariana appeared in where we see that ring again.

Instagram | @arianagrandeupdatesx

She says she wasn't expecting to do an interview, and we see the ring briefly before she covers it with her sleeve for the rest of the time she's on camera.

She shared that interview just a few days ago, which could have been another hint that we all missed.

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Some fans are saying that Ariana has had that ring long before she and Pete even began dating, so while it's not confirmed, it is pretty good timing.

Instagram | @arianagrande

So we're going to believe that they were majorly hinting the engagement and just waiting for fans to catch on.

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