Fans Can't Stop Roasting Aquaman's Costume Fail In This New Poster, And It's Truly Savage

Diply 17 Jul 2018

The latest installment to the DC universe is already making waves (get it?!), and it hasn't even hit theaters yet.

The newest poster for Aquaman was just released, and it has already made quite a splash. While many fans are on board with the character's new look, others fear this movie is already in hot water.

ICYMI: Jason Momoa's character from Justice League is getting a standalone movie. 

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Yay, I guess?

However, it's not the movie that fans are concerned about at the moment — it's the poster.

Have you ever wondered what Jason Momoa would look like if he stumbled into the Finding Nemo universe? Well, wonder no more!

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As we know, the internet absolutely loves to roast the DC movies, and this time was no different. 

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I mean, come on. He is wearing LEATHER PANTS underwater! DC had to know that the internet was not going to let that fashion choice slide.

Leather has literally got to be the worst fabric for an underwater superhero, right?

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Ross Geller called and he wants his pants back.

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Sorry, Aquaman! You might be Lord of the Fish or whatever, but this lewk was invented and perfected by Dr. Ross Geller.

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Hilariously enough, the director of Aquaman actually responded to a fan who joked about Aquaman's look. 

Twitter | @creepypuppet

James Wan's defense is almost as airtight as those pants, tbqh.

Anyway, this is literally a movie about a dude who breathes underwater and talks to fish, so I think we can suspend our disbelief a little bit more for his fashion choices.

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