16 Things That Exist That'll Make You Hope The Apocalypse is Near

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Sometimes, things go so bad that you want to go to bed and have the day be over. And then other times, things go so beyond bad that you need the world to just stop. It might be a bit dramatic, but there's nothing wrong with that. Things get rough, man.

1. If you're driving and come across this scene, then you know that you need to just turn around and go home

Reddit | mhtravis

But also, that you might actually be in a movie about the world ending due to extreme (and scary) weather.

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2. Seeing that this is the way your children open peanut butter and immediately questioning everything you've taught them

Reddit | miggins365

The world might not be ending, but the loving relationship you have within your home is certainly about to end. Very fast.

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3. When a pothole threatens to eat a police man, that is never a good sign and you should not trust any road

Reddit | swwZ

You think the world is safe, and then you see this. Mother Nature taking us out, one pothole at a time.

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4. This being passed off as a cup when it is clearly a piece of trash

Reddit | Schytherusedsurf

If this is something that a person is using daily, then that is a true sign the end is near. I'm pretty sure that's just hot glue holding the bottom together.

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5. This getting away with being called cheese and crackers

Reddit | WingDish

I mean, it's not wrong, but it is certainly not right. And it is also a disgrace to all cheese and cracker combos out there.

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6. Because the world ending would be better than having to clean and explain this 

Reddit | PR3DA7oR

Who knew a pressure cooker could cause so much damage? But also, how does it cause this much damage?!

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7. Dropping this much food can actually cause the world to stop turning

Reddit | waggie21

RIP to what would have made great tacos and RIP to all of the human race. This is how it ends.

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8. Wings that are anything other than a shade of brown or red are a no

Instagram | @realfoolishness

Nothing you eat should ever be the same color as Nicki's hair. Unless it's candy, but wings are not candy.

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9. Having this served to you in a restaurant, causing you to immediately lose your appetite, as well as have a fear of sea creatures

Reddit | BigOleDawggo

I love seafood, but I don't want to know what it looked like while out at sea.

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10. If you see this happening outside your door, then you should 100% know that this is a bad sign

Reddit | Morty_Goldman

Not even a clever sign. Just a solid sign that this world is going downhill.

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11. The most ominous of all fortune cookie messages 

Reddit | Pickleboi44

Are you asking me this because it's also going to be my last meal? Because that's exactly how I'm interpreting it. And even if it was a yummy meal, I'm still concerned.

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12. At least if the world ends, we will all be fashion disasters together

Instagram | @realfoolishness

But tbh, I really love tacos, so if this is what the world ending is about, then I am down.

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13. A sure sign of the world ending is time not being a thing, right?

Reddit | micropaste

And besides it being a bad sign, it would also just be super annoying to not have everyone in sync.

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14. Cookies that are truly enough for me to want the world to end

Reddit | KissableToaster

A single chocolate chip in every cookie?! This is cruel and I'm convinced it takes more effort than making normal cookies.

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15. Not sure if she would know what to do in an apocalypse if she can't figure this one out  

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

When the world is ending, you want someone brilliant by your side. And that just might not be the love of your life.

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16. And these boots that are out here to walk all over any fashion sense left in the world

Instagram | @realfoolishness

But I'm sure they're super comfy, and that's how people will justify wearing them.

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