Anne Hathaway Wrote The Most Nostalgic Letter To Julie Andrews

Diply 2 Oct 2018

It's safe to say that Julie Andrews is a living, breathing legend. Her various roles have defined a lot of our childhoods, making her next in line to the throne (in my head).

Julie recently turned 83 years old (I know, I was shook too) and Anne Hathaway's sweet birthday message really hit us where it hurts.

I honestly can't sing Julie Andrews' praises enough.

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The fact that I can't believe she's 83 years old has a lot to do with how gracefully she's aged, how she treats the people around her, and how the media portrays her as an actual angel (because she is one, duh).

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When you start to think of the many iconic roles Julie has portrayed over the years, it starts to get a little overwhelming. 

Entertainment Weekly | Entertainment Weekly
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From Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, and of course, The Princess Diaries, there really isn't a generation out there who isn't obsessed with Julie and her work.

The Irish Times | The Irish Times
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Speaking of The Princess Diaries, we all know that Julie and Anne Hathaway stole our hearts way back in 2001.

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Did you know that this was Anne's breakthrough role? According to The Independent, Hathaway was named one of People magazine's "breakthrough stars" of 2001. Not a bad start.

Oh, and as Teen Vogue noticed, The Princess Diaries was produced by Whitney Houston. The movie really is royalty.

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We can only imagine that while working together, Julie and Anne formed a solid friendship.


Talk about having the ultimate mentor, right?

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I'm just going to go ahead and assume that the big reason Anne went on to slay with hits like The Devil Wears Prada and Les Misérables was all thanks to Julie.

E! News | E! News

And yes, she slayed in Les Mis, don't even fight me on this.

I dreamed a dream in times gone byyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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As best friends do, Anne wished Julie the sweetest of birthdays with an Instagram message that revived my cold, soulless heart.

Instagram | @annehathaway
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"The importance of grace; The knowledge that power is nothing without respect," the note began. 

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"Why one must have patience, positivity, perspective, manners, kindness, and humility

To everyone,

(No exceptions);

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"The joy in treating people as a gift rather than a burden;

YouTube | ABC News

"How far choosing gratitude can get you...

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"If I know anything about any of this,

Grazia Daily | Grazia Daily

"It's because I was lucky enough to have learned from the very best at the very beginning.

Happy Birthday Julie, Queen Eternal.

All my love,

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Of course, Hathaway paired the sweet message with an iconic photo of the two of them in The Princess Diaries.

Instagram | @annehathaway

And let me just say I am emotional.

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It's like we were all instantly brought back to a time when we learned that "shut up" really meant "wow, gee whiz, golly wolly..."


A time when we first learned how to both sit like a queen and wave like one too.

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I have a feeling that Julie would be disappointed in the way I actually sit and wave these days. 

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I didn't retain that lesson very well.

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Or perhaps ThePrincess Diaries 2 was more your thing.


And in that case, we learned that "a queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early."I said this at my last job interview, and I think it went well.

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Anyway, I just wanted to thank Anne Hathaway for making me feel like a kid again. It was much needed.

Instagram | @annehathaway

Anybody up for The Princess Diaries 3???

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And of course, a very happy birthday to the lovely Julie Andrews: Thank you for blessing us with your whole entire life.

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