We all love to hate the "bad guys" in movies because they're always out to ruin our heroes' day, and we just want our favorites to live their best life. 

Well, maybe we were all just a little too quick to judge certain villains, since we never really give much thought as to what's going on in their lives and why they came to be the way they are. 


If you think about some of the backstories, you might have a clutch-your-pearls moment and realize you have been hating on villains who actually don't deserve the shade — you know, like a captain who just wants revenge on the flying teen who cut off his hand.

Or how about a stuffed bear who was left on the side of the road by a little girl he loved, and maybe has some abandonment issues, so he refuses to let other toys leave Sunnyside Daycare?

Then there's Gaston, who actually shares a lot of the same character traits as the Beast. They both were in love with Belle, but Gaston wanted to marry her while the Beast wanted to own her. Not cool. 

Also, can anyone really blame Syndrome for getting a bee in his bonnet in The Incredibles? His hero dissed and dismissed him when he was getting his fanboy on. 

These revelations have shaken us to our very core. Check out the video below to have your childhood rocked. 

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