14+ Actual Good Reasons To Stop Hating On Taylor Swift

Diply 16 Oct 2018

It's a tough time to be a Taylor Swift fan these days. As a huge Swiftie myself, I know for a fact that there are a lot of haters out there who have less than kind things to say about her.

I'm here to try and convince you all that it's time to stop the shade and try appreciating Taylor for the adorable cinnamon bun that she really is.

1. Most of you guys love to hate on Taylor because of the Kim/Kanye drama, and I just want to make one thing crystal clear.

Getty Images | Larry Busacca

We all know that Kim released a Snapchat video of Taylor saying it was okay for Kanye to use the line "I think me and Taylor might still have sex."

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However, Taylor explained that she never once gave permission for Kanye to use to the line "I made that [expletive] famous."

YouTube | Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

And just like Taylor's Grammy acceptance speech, she was not okay with Kanye taking credit for her fame, when in reality, her success had nothing to do with him.

So, can we just drop it, please?

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2. Despite the negative backlash, Taylor turned the bad into the good.

Getty Images | John Shearer/TAS18

She was being called a snake, so she ran with it. She turned it into a top charting album known as Reputation, and a widely popular stadium tour.

(I went to three different shows, and they were all 10/10).

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3. Despite the rise to fame, she still keeps it real with her fans.

Twitter | @d_elizabethxo

She's been hosting completely free meet and greets after her shows ever since her Fearless album days, and she has yet to stop doing that.

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4. Two years ago, she donated money to an 8-year-old boy, Jacob, so he could get a service dog.

Twitter | @TSwiftNZ

She finally met Jacob and his family after a show. His mother praised Taylor for being so kind to her son. "She didn't see my son's disability, she just saw him," she wrote.

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5. She still connects with fans online.

Instagram | @taylorswift

After a zoo shared that their bongo calf named Taylor Swift had escaped, Taylor shared that she was very personally invested in the story, and then joked around with fans about it on tumblr, even making a terrible pun in the process. We can forgive her for this.

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6. She even ran with a Twitter joke that the fans had spread like wildfire.


Basically, while Taylor began singing "Delicate", a fan filmed herself screaming "1, 2, 3, let's go [expletive]", and it quickly became a thing.Before we knew it, thousands of fans were screaming it at every show, and Taylor embraced it, even counting along with her fingers.

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7. She does a girl power shoutout during each show.

Getty Images | John Shearer/TAS18

She talks about the amazing women performing next to her on stage, and introduces each of them by name before singing "Gorgeous", and it's a real feminist mood.

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8. During her shows, she sings a "surprise song" on the B-stage, and more often than not, it's a song that a fan has specifically requested. 

Twitter | @vkuznetsova13

Throughout the North American leg of her tour, she managed to go through a large portion of songs that she's never sung live before, or were bonus tracks, simply because it meant a lot to the fans.

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9. She even sang her 2006 hit, "Invisible" after a fan explained to her that it was the song he listened to before he came out.

Twitter | @delicatekayla

"It honors me to have any part in that journey for anyone," she said to the crowd.

His reaction when he realized that she's singing the song just for him is pretty heartwarming.

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10. She sued the man who sexually assaulted her for just $1.

Music Feeds | Music Feeds

And won.

She then used her own money to make donations to charities that support sexual assault victims by helping them defend themselves.

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11. She makes a point of tracking down fans at events, and takes the time to meet them in her dressing room. 

Instagram | @hummingbirdyx13

"She literally stalked me and said to her team 'SHES MINE'," one fan explained after meeting Taylor.

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12. She even remembers fans' faces in passing.

Twitter | @katiapadillaa

During the AMAs, one fan walked by Taylor back stage, and the first thing Taylor said to her was, "I've miss you!" and then stopped to take adorable selfies together.

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13. She's held multiple secret sessions at her various homes.

YouTube | Taylor Swift

How many celebrities invite fans into their home and bake them cookies? Not too many, and it means so much to people.

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14. Her cats are still the cutest creatures to ever walk this planet, and for that, I think we can all agree to stop hating her.

Twitter | @TSnewsNZ

Meredith and Olivia are icons and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise.

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15. Despite knowing that she would face even more backlash, she has spoken out against the current rocky social climate, and her friends like Todrick Hall have praised her for it.

Instagram | @todrick

And honestly, if you haven't come to terms that Taylor Swift is an actual ray of sunshine yet, there might not be hope for your cynical soul.

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